How to make black flowers in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing black flowers are an important item in the game and many players want to learn how to make black flowers. According to the game data there are three main ways to get black flowers in Animal Crossing:

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1. Placing red rose bushes near each other

Red rose bushes near one will turn black in a few days, allowing you to have black flowers near your house to decorate the landscape.

2. Growing mutant roses

Growing mutant roses is a great way to reliably get black flowers. These are special rose bushes that can be bought from merchants and have a chance to grow into pretty black flowers. The chances of getting a black flower are increased when you have some special accessories and resources like colored stones.

3. Using cheats and codes

There are many tips and tricks available online to get black flowers using codes or just placing them in the right place. This will allow you to skip the farming process and get them in a matter of seconds.

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Animal Crossing cheats to get black flowers:

  • Upload flower color: Place your primary and secondary color code along with the color of the flower you want to get a mixed color. This will also help you increase the hue of the flower.
  • Black Flower Generator: Use the online flower generator to get all the black flowers you want instantly.
  • Place black flowers: Use the cheat to place black flowers in the game directly in the garden. Just use the color parameter to change the color of the flower and once you’re done, wait to see the black flower.

And that’s all you need to know to know how to make black flowers in Animal Crossing. Just remember to follow the tips above and use whatever hacks or generators you find online. This will help you to have a large number of black flowers to decorate your park in a short time.

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How to make black flowers in Animal Crossing

Are you a fan of Animal Crossing and want to learn how to make black flowers? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Below we will show you the tips and tricks to get black flowers in Animal Crossing in the easiest and simplest way.

Collect the Seeds on the Deserted Island

One of the easiest methods to get the black flowers in Animal Crossing is by collecting seeds from the deserted island. The Deserted Island is an accessible island where players can collect various types of seeds that cannot be found on your own island. These special seeds can give rise to unusual flowers such as black ones.

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Use the Exchange Crosses

Another interesting method to obtain black flowers is by using the exchange crosses. Whenever someone posts an interesting thing in the exchange cross area, you can request the item and get a reward. Many users will share their black flowers in exchange for some items on your island.


  • Check the time: If you visit the deserted island before midnight, you will have a better chance of getting the seed for the black flower.
  • Visit your island: Whenever you visit your island, there is a good chance that you will get new items, such as black flowers.
  • cross: It’s a good idea to cross paths with your friends from time to time to try and get black flowers.
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Now that you know the methods to get black flowers in Animal Crossing, it’s time to start trying! By collecting deserted island seeds, using the trade crosses, and the tips outlined above, you’ll have a better chance of getting black flowers for your animal crossing!

How to make black flowers in Animal Crossing

Black flowers are a unique decoration item in Animal Crossing, and if you want to show your creativity and build a unique and fascinating island, you will need to learn how to obtain them. Here are some suggestions on how to do them.


  • The color of the flower depends on the direction of the last time it rained. If it rained to the east, you will get red geraniums. If it rained to the west, you will get black geraniums.
  • Save and exit the game: Before planting the flowers, exit the game, save your progress, and log back in. This ensures that the direction of the last rain stays intact and when it is time to water with the sprinkler, you will get black flowers.
  • Use the fertilizer mix: Mix three parts of NPK fertilizer and one part of ultra fertilizer to obtain the perfect mixture to create black flowers.
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In addition to the cheats mentioned above, here are some tips for generating black flowers:

  • Place a flower on a free space on your island.
  • Water the plant with a watering can until the graphs show SamaGame shining.
  • Use the fertilizer mix to speed up the process.
  • Check from time to time to see if there are any purples or blacks, and if so, congratulations! You got one.

By following these tips and using the cheats, you can easily get black flowers on your Animal Crossing island. So your island will not only look beautiful, it will also help you impress your friends. Enjoy your new adventure making black flowers!

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