Last updated:14/02/2023

How to make calls using Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Smartwatches are mobile devices that are becoming more and more popular. More and more people use them every day. Therefore, there are quite a lot of options related to news, and every geek of mobile technology would like to feel like James Bond, who has never lacked gadgets. Then how can you talk on the Samsung Galaxy Watch? Very simple. Importantly, the guide applies to both the fourth and fifth generation of devices, as well as the W-Fi and LTE versions. I invite you to read.

How to start a conversation using Galaxy Watch? Of course, we need to configure the device accordingly. After setup and the first tutorial, we can proceed further.

  • On the main screen, we slide out the hub of all applications from the bottom edge of the screen.
  • Find the headset icon and click on it.
  • In the new window, either select the first option on the left with the alphanumeric keyboard where we enter the phone number manually, or on the right, then we can quickly view all contacts stored in the phone (if we have the appropriate synchronization enabled).
  • After selecting the option, press the green receiver and the connection is on its way.
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    In the case of the version with the LTE module and a connected SIM card, we do not need to have the watch synchronized with the phone (although then we have access to all contacts or call history with the phone). It can be said that in this case the Galaxy Watch is fully autonomous. In the case of the Wi-Fi version, we must be connected via Bluetooth to the phone and during the connection we cannot move too far from the phone to be within the Bluetooth range of the smartphone all the time.

    How do I answer an incoming call on my Galaxy Watch?

    The situation is analogous to the choice of interlocutor. Just select the green handset on the main screen, and the connection from the machine will be conducted through the watch. Of course, as I wrote above, such a connection can be carried out autonomously if we have the LTE version, if the standard version we need to be within the Bluetooth range of the smartphone.

    How do I transfer contacts from my phone to my Galaxy Watch?

    Here the simplest version is to simply log in to our Gmail account. It is best to do this during the first setup of the watch. Then, after logging in to Gmail, all contact data will be synchronized. I will also immediately point out that we do not have the ability to modify individual contacts from the Galaxy Watch level. Here, the only option is to change them from the phone or computer.