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You have managed to find some spare time and would like to put it to good use by discovering how to make money online ? If your intent is easy and immediate profit, I must disappoint you: the Internet is not the land of toys, and just like in the real world, even there you have to break a sweat to earn some money. However, if you are happy with small sums, perhaps because you want to do an activity that is done from time to time, you can earn a little by doing small jobs for anyone, for example, writing articles on sites that buy this type of content, the sale of used items or participation in paid surveys.

How to make money online

Instead, creating a real business online is much more difficult. In that case, you can try to monetize a blog or website (like I did!), you can open an e-commerce, or you can test your tuber career, but you have to be consistent, skillful, and just as important. , you must have a bit of luck to “break through” in your area of ​​expertise. In short: the online income opportunities, both in one case and in another, are there. You just need to understand what you are doing with your case and work hard to achieve results, which can be more or less significant.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to try to earn on the Internet? Yeah? Very good! Sit back, take the time to explore the various income opportunities listed in the following paragraphs, and most importantly, apply the advice I’ll give you. You see, with a little commitment and a little luck, you too can make some money online. Let me wish you good reading and good luck with everything!

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How to round up your salary online

You’ll make money online To supplement your salary, you can carry out activities that do not take up so much time and that you can get “caught” between one commitment and another. Let’s see some of them.

Write articles

Write articles It is an activity that could not only allow you to unleash your creative streak, but could also provide a small source of additional income; and so I invite you to consider it, especially if you have a hobby of writing.

One of the best ways to get started is to sign up for one market platform where to try to sell your content to interested businesses and professionals. One of the most famous sites of this type is MelaScriviAn online platform that allows content creators and businesses to “meet” and sell/buy articles, guides, video transcripts, translations, and more.

An interesting aspect of MelaScrivi refers to the compensation for each article produced: the sale price of the contents is determined by a system that evaluates the quality in stars. starts from 1 star for new authors, who can win 0.008 euros per word ; until you reach the level of 4 starswhich allows you to receive compensation for 1.5 euros / word.

I also inform you that for each item, one is required commission of 0.70 euros and payments are made upon reaching the minimum threshold of 25 euros. For more information on MelaScrivi, I refer you to the FAQ section of the site.

Sell ​​used items

One of the simplest and most immediate ways to earn money on the Internet is sell used items. Doing this activity doesn’t require any specific skills and can be done by contacting multiple listing sites and online stores – here’s someone who might be for you.

How to make money online

  • immediately, kijiji and Shpock – it is likely that you have already heard of these well-known advertising sites. As you may already know, they offer the ability to sell items by posting for free. If you want to give your ads more visibility, you can sponsor them, subject to paying some small advertising fees, as I have already explained in another guide.
  • eBay – If you want to sell used items, eBay is a solution you should consider. It allows you to post your ads for free, and if the sales are successful, you have to pay a 10% commission on the sale (excluding shipping costs). I explained in more detail how to sell on eBay in another article.
  • AutoScout24 – if you have a car or motorcycle that you want to sell, you can use this portal to try to get something from it, since it allows you to post ads for free, without paying commissions or other expenses. For more information on how to post ads on Autoscout24, take a look at the guide I linked to.
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Carry out commission work

Carry out commission work It’s a great way to keep busy and earn some money at the same time. The activities that can be carried out for this purpose are many: if you have the necessary skills, you can offer yourself as translators, music teachers, babysitters, dog sitters, graphic designers, etc.

There are several job search portals you can use for advertising, including monster, jobrapido and JobFreeor on “standard” ad sites, such as subito.it and kijiji. On the same sites it is possible to respond and accept job offers posted by other people.

Participate in surveys

He too survey participation It is an activity to take into account if you want to earn money on the Internet. Doing this is not at all difficult (even if the figures you can earn are really low): just go to the online platform of your choice (eg. Global Text Market, MySurveyetc.) and answer the questions that are asked, that’s it!

Since all of these resources are free, why not give them a try? To learn more about how to earn with surveys, check out the guide I linked to you, where you can find out more about this type of activity.

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How to create an online business

if your goal is make money online in a stable way, such as to transform your activities on the Web into a real job, know that the path you want to take is uphill. Contrary to what someone would like you to believe, earning on the Internet is anything but simple: it requires a lot of time, effort and dedication.

In addition, it is necessary to have original ideas that can capture the interest of others and that are in line with current market needs. However, it is not my intention to discourage you from undertaking this “escalation”. If you want to create an online business, you can, in fact you – give it a try! Here are, therefore, some activities that could allow you to earn on the Internet.

How to make money online

Monetize a blog or website

Among the main activities to earn money on the Internet is the one linked to monetization of a blog or website. However, to be successful in creating a successful site, you must first choose a market sector where there are no established competitors, as it may not be easy to compete with them.

But how do you make money with a blog or website? Where do the profits come from? One of the main sources of monetization of a web space is usually made up of advertising revenue coming from inserting banners on your blog/website pages. To insert these banners, you can contact google adsense or other similar services, which they pay based on the number of visits received on their site. In order to gain publicity, therefore, you need to have quite high traffic.

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Another source of monetization could be linked to joining a affiliate program (like the one on Amazon). The gains, in this case, come from the inclusion of Sponsored links within the contents of your website / blog: if you click on these links to buy the goods and / or services on your site, you will receive a small percentage of the profits that the company has received thanks to the link in question.

For more information on how to make money with a site, check out the tutorial I linked to and, if you can, buy “The method” (Posted by Mondadori Electa): In this book I have illustrated some techniques that a digital entrepreneur should follow to create a successful online business, such as ..Item.

Open a YouTube channel

Are you good at making video content? Do you have an innate ability to entertain others? In that case, you can use these abilities yourself. earn money with youtube. To do this, you must first open a channel, and then try to earn through YouTube Partner Program (to participate, however, you must have reached 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last year) oi affiliate network.

Since even in this case a large part of the income comes from advertising, you have to register very high numbers to make noticeable profits: that is why it is important that you take a look at the ideas in which I explain in great detail how to make as many Subscribers of YouTube and how to earn on YouTube. In these articles, you can find useful advice on the techniques to follow to obtain satisfactory results.

Open an e-commerce

open a electronic commerce It is another option that you can consider if you want to make some serious money on the internet. Contrary to what you may think, it is not at all difficult to open an online store – you can do it using services like blooming, which offer preset packages for a monthly payment (usually starting from a few tens of euros); buy a web space and personalize it through a CMS (how I know WordPress either prestashop ) or open a virtual storefront at established online stores, such as Amazon and eBay (best option if you already have a physical store and just want to expand your range of action).

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If you want to take a closer look at all these opportunities, all you have to do is check out the guide in which I show you how to open an e-commerce through the solutions I just mentioned.

How to make money online

develop app

In recent years there has been a veritable “explosion” in the world of applications development. The request is constantly increasing and in many countries, including Italy, there is a shortage of experienced developers. That is why developing applications could be a very interesting source of income.

Although, from what I understand, you have no programming skills, it is not certain that you cannot learn. There are countless tutorials and guides that you can find on the net for free to learn the main programming languages. If you remember, I have already talked about it in numerous articles, including those where I explain how to create a program, how to develop an application and how to develop in C: take a look at these readings, so that you can understand if the world of programming can do for you or not.

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