Know how to make phone calls from pc it can help you. Through this system, you can make calls even if you don’t have your phone nearby, which can be useful when your phone is charging.

To make it possible, you must Connect your smartphone to your computer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

This system is located Available for Windows and Mac OS systems. Keep reading to know the step by step:

How to make phone calls from PC step by step

How to call from PC in Windows

In the Windows version, you just need to install the application «Link to Windows» on your mobile device (Android) and PC (Microsoft Store). Once this is done, simply launch the setup to create the link:

  • Access the application «Link to Windows» on mobile devices and PC.
  • Then sign in to your Microsoft account in both applications.
  • Once this is done, simply scan the QR code or enter the PIN code sent by SMS to link your devices.
  • With your phone connected, keep bluetooth on to make calls.
  • To make a call from PC, just click on «Calls» and dial the desired number.
  • How to connect on macOS

    In the macOS version, you can make calls through your FaceTime contact history (iOS). Although the app is known for video calls, it is also possible to make voice-only calls:

  • Access FaceTime (macOS).
  • In your contact history, click the icon “Details”.
  • Once done, click on the option “Call” to make a call to that contact.
  • It is worth remembering that in both methods calls are made from the computer, but depend on the connection to your phone. so always make sure both devices have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on.

    This trick can be an excellent option for call someone using the headset on your computer. did you like this advice? If you want more, do not miss our technological tutorials where you will learn such useful tricks as putting a second number in your Apple ID. Until next time!.

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