How to make video calls with Telegram on Android.

After a first test that was carried out on iOS, video calls have officially arrived on Telegram for Android: you can now establish video and audio communications with any of your Telegram contacts. Of course, at the moment only with one person: group video calls will come later.

Telegram has recently reached a milestone: the messaging application has been with us for seven years, a time during which its services have evolved enormously. Because it is not just messaging, Telegram is also a multimedia player support, a platform to discover bots, allows you to use your conversations as cloud storage and you can even make calls. Of course, an option was missing that has been slow to arrive: video calls. They are already among us.

How to make video calls with Telegram on Android

One-to-one video calls and end-to-end encryption

Telegram has turned seven years old, a time during which we have seen the application update itself with endless possibilities. And it was strange that developers ignored video calls, an option that it has been tremendously useful during confinements. Of course, better late than never.

How to make video calls with Telegram on Android

Telegram video calls are already active in mobile applications. The process to use them is simple, you just have to do the following:

  • Open a chat with the contact you want to video call. You can also enter any of the conversations you already have (only private one to one, video calls still not working in groups).
  • Once you are in the desired conversation, click on the top three menu points and choose ‘Video call’. In the event that you have not given permission to Telegram you will have to authorize access to the microphone and the camera.
  • The video call will take place: your mobile will capture your image with the front camera, but you can switch to the rear camera with the icon at the bottom left.
  • Once your interlocutor goes off-hook, Telegram will show a sequence of four Emojis on the screen of each participant (upper part of the screen). If you both have the same, it means that the video call is safe: Telegram encrypts end-to-end communication (the same protection that secret chats and calls have).
  • Talk all you want with your contact. And once you have finished, click on the ‘Finish’ button. You can pause the video and / or audio at any time during the video call.
  • You can video call any contact with Android and iOS, also those who use Telegram Desktop or Telegram for MacOS.

The quality of video calls on Telegram is quite good, also the audio. On average, we have registered a data consumption in 4G of about 12.5 MB per minute (WhatsApp is around 7.5 MB per minute and Facebook Messenger around 7 MB). They are not the video calls that spend the least data, although we have appreciated an average quality somewhat higher than its competition. As it usually happens, everything will depend on the saturation of the servers and the stability of the network.

How to make video calls with Telegram on Android

Telegram video calls consume about 12.5 MB of data in 4G, somewhat above the average in messaging applications

Video calls are now available on Telegram. It is necessary to update to the latest available version of the application.

How to make video calls with Telegram on Android