Currently, the vast majority of the activity we do on our devices revolves around the Internet. Even when editing a file, we hope it syncs the changes with our other devices, not to mention uuse platforms like Netflix or read Applesfera. Therefore, it is important to have a good connection speed for the experience to be comfortable.

How to measure the speed of our Internet connection

To measure our connection speed, we will use a web page dedicated to measuring these speeds. There are many pages of this type, in our case we will use provided by Netflix.

The testing procedure is very simple. Without going into too much detail, the page deals with download a document of a certain size to our computer and time it takes. Later it takes that same file and uploads it to the server again. Once done, delete the downloaded file and give us our upload and download speed.

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We can use this system on our iPhone, iPad or Mac. The steps to use this tool are as follows:

  1. We open Safari (or another browser) on our device.
  2. We enter
  3. We are waiting for the download test to complete.
  4. We touch More information.
  5. We are awaiting the end of the load test.


The website will show us various information, as we see in the picture:

  • The largest number in the center of the screen is our download speed.
  • Bottom right, next to Charge, we see our loading speed, that is, the download speed.
  • Finally, the section Latency, where we show the time it takes for our device to respond to the server and vice versa.
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How to improve our internet connection speed


There are many guides to improve the connection speed of our devices, we will focus on the basics. Before you start, but it is important to remember that to have a reliable reading the best thing is repeat the test several times. Something like five or six times in about 10 minutes will give us, on average, a more realistic reading than an isolated result.

Having said that, let’s see what values ​​we expect from our internet connection.

  • Without optical fiber: between 1 and 10 Mbps.
  • With optical fiber and connected via Wi-Fi: between 100 and 300 Mbps.
  • With optical fiber and connected by cable: between 300 and 700 Mbps.
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If the connection is made by cable, there are two main recommendations. The first is that use a cable of sufficient category to be able to transmit at full speed. CAT-5 cable is only capable of 100Mbps, so we need CAT-5e, CAT-6 or better cable. You can display the category on the same cable, it is usually written on it.

The second recommendation is close all these applications or services which can use bandwidth, if we download content, watch movies, sync files, and also do FaceTime call or share our screen, we will notice it when connecting.

If the connection is established via Wi-Fi, in addition to closing the applications as we saw in the previous paragraph, it is important that we approach the router. Granted, we’ll all have heard that the closer the router the better, but there is one very useful and little-known thing: once we have approach to disconnecting the router from the Wi-Fi and reconnect. Because? So when reconnecting to the router, if any, we are using the 5 GHz network, a change that otherwise would not always happen automatically.

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And just like that, with these steps, we can measure the internet connection of our devices, assess if it is a good speed, and if necessary make improvements to make the experience the best it can be.

Source: Appleinsider