How to migrate a Mastodon server. Figuring out how to change a server on Mastodon can be a great way to explore other spaces on the platform. That’s because the elephant network allows you to redirect accounts and even migrate your followers between instances (communities). So you can cEasily change your domain on Mastodon through the settings.

To perform the mastodon account migrationyou just need indicate your username and the new domain to transfer your data.

Once this is done, your account will redirect new accesses. It sounds a bit complicated, but it is actually a very practical process.

From trick library we show you step by step how to change mastodon server and what requirements are necessary for the process:

What is required to migrate a Mastodon server?

Before starting, Mastodon highlights some important details about the migration process:

  • Your new account must first be set up to be referenced, i.e. you must have created an account on the desired domain to perform the migration.
  • His current profile will be updated with a redirect notice and also will be excluded from searches.
  • The migration will move all your followers from the current account to the new one.
  • The data like toots, photos, videos and others they are not automatically migrated.
  • Can export your data and reactivate your account in this instance if you wish.
  • Alternatively, it is also possible redirect your followers to an account in one instance.

How to migrate from Mastodon server step by step

  • Access Mastodon.
  • Touch the icon of side menu to see more options.
  • then go to “Preferences”.
  • then touch “Account settings”.
  • On this page, click on the option «account migration«.
  • Once this is done, simply enter the username of your new account and the current account password.
  • finally touch “Set Redirect” for complete the account migration.
  • You can also reverse this action by touching “Cancel redirection.” Thus, you will reactivate your current account. However, such action will not bring back followers that were migrated in this way. For this, it is necessary perform a migration from your new account.

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