How to migrate from WhatsApp to Telegram and what differences you will notice with the change

There are those who are from WhatsApp, there are those who are from Telegram and there are those who are from WhatsApp but they want to test if Telegram is as good as those who use it say. They are two very similar but also different applications, and Switching from WhatsApp to Telegram can be a bit confusing In the beginning.

If you are switching from the green messaging app to the blue messaging app, here we’ll see what you can do to make the transition painless and the main differences you will find when using Telegram to chat, after getting used to WhatsApp.

Take what you can from WhatsApp to TelegramHow to migrate from WhatsApp to Telegram and what differences you will notice with the change

One of the things that can bring more when changing the messaging app is having to start over ‘from scratch’ in Telegram. It will be so widely some data you can take from WhatsApp to Telegram. Not much, but less it gives a stone.


The most important thing is without a doubt the contacts. Fortunately, this is almost the least you should worry about, because WhatsApp and Telegram synchronize with mobile contacts, on your side, you don’t have to do anything other than complete the setup wizard and grant the appropriate permissions.

Telegram and WhatsApp are synced with mobile contacts, but all your contacts using WhatsApp will not have a Telegram account. There’s not much you can do here except invite them to switch to Telegram as well, or if the idea isn’t thriving, which is very likely, just keep using WhatsApp to talk to them.


WhatsApp and Telegram both have stickers, although the way they work is quite different. There is no magic button for bring WhatsApp stickers to TelegramWhile there is one that you consider essential and that you cannot find anywhere, it is possible. It takes work, yes, but it is possible.

It will be easier for you find new stickers on Telegram to replace the ones you used on WhatsApp. Telegram started before with the theme of stickers, so the packages available are many and very varied, accessible from the app itself or on specialized pages.


How to migrate from WhatsApp to Telegram and what differences you will notice with the change

TLImporter, an unofficial tool

Transfer WhatsApp chats to Telegram technically impossibleWhile this is something you consider extremely important, you can search for TLImporter, an unofficial tool with enough fine print to import WhatsApp chats into Telegram.

This app – which runs on a PC – allows you to import a text document (like the one exported by WhatsApp) into a Telegram chat. It’s not as easy as pressing a button And the result isn’t exactly like a normal chat, although if you’re desperately trying to switch your WhatsApp chats to Telegram, it’s the closest thing you’ll find.

What is different on Telegram

You have installed and configured Telegram correctly, what now? Probably as soon as you start to use the app you will realize that everything is similar but at the same time different from WhatsApp. These are the main differences you will encounter.

Support for multiple devices

Let’s start with the good news. While WhatsApp can only be used on one device at a time, Telegram is cross-device and cross-platform. I mean can you connect to multiple phones and tablets and respond interchangeably from one or another of these devices.

These devices can also be connect directly to Telegram, unlike WhatsApp. In other words, you can use the desktop version of Telegram without having to turn on and connect your phone like with WhatsApp Web.

No need to save

One thing not to miss is the tedious backup of WhatsApp

Another difference in approach between WhatsApp and Telegram is that the latter is cloud-based rather than direct connections between users. This assumes that all your conversations are saved in the Telegram cloud, so you don’t need to save. This way, if you change your mobile, by reconnecting you will get all your conversations back in a few seconds.

It’s quite different on WhatsApp, where you should have a recent backup to Google Drive before changing mobile. The difference becomes more important when you change operating system, because using your Telegram account on Android and iOS has no complications, while maintaining your WhatsApp conversations from iOS to Android is an odyssey.

You can hide your phone number

Something that WhatsApp hasn’t changed since its inception is that accounts are closely tied to phone numbers. So when you are chatting with someone, privately or in a group, other people can see your phone number. This is not the case for Telegram.

Telegram accounts are also linked to phone numbers, but they don’t have to be visible to those chatting with you. In the privacy settings you can choose who can see your phone number, which is nicely supplemented with a username, which you can use to add people without changing phones.

There are no video calls

Of course, not everything is rosy on Telegram. The app is not currently working no video calls, neither group nor person to person. All you can do is call and send video clips.

Therefore, if you used to make your video calls directly from WhatsApp, you will miss the option in Telegram. You will have to search another app for your video calls, although it won’t be very difficult because there are a lot of them.

Multitude of stickers, without going through Google Play

How to migrate from WhatsApp to Telegram and what differences you will notice with the change

Another difference that you will find when using Telegram is how the stickers work. In Telegram, you don’t need to download the stickers from Google Play, but you add them from the application itself, similar to the way they work on Facebook Messenger.

Like on WhatsApp, anyone can make stickers for Telegram in a few simple steps and create a sticker pack. The advantage is that here you don’t need to post them on Google Play to share them with other people.

Non-stop transfer, but with a visible sender

Example of message retransmitted on Telegram

Although WhatsApp recently limited the transfer of normal messages to five and in particular viral messages to one chat at a time, on Telegram there is no limit. If you want to message all your contacts you can (another thing is they block you if you are too heavy).

Another difference is the way these forwarded messages are displayed. On WhatsApp they are anonymous, while on Telegram the name of who wrote the original post. This name can be linked to the profile of the person who wrote it, if they have configured it in the privacy options.

Food personalization

WhatsApp recently introduced dark mode, but otherwise it has few customization options. Telegram is one of the most customizable applications, with lots of topics to change the colors of almost the entire interface.

Unlike WhatsApp, on Telegram you can completely change the look

The telegram has five main themes, which in turn they can be customized by choosing different colors main. If that’s not enough, you can also create your own theme, choosing precisely the colors of the messages, the background and even the roundness of the corners of the chat bubbles.

No featured post, but saved

How to migrate from WhatsApp to Telegram and what differences you will notice with the change

Featured WhatsApp Messages and Saved Telegram Messages

Something you may miss on Telegram if you are coming from WhatsApp are the highlighted messages. On Telegram, there is no option to mark certain messages with the star, although you can get something similar with saved messages. Instead of highlighting, you need to forward the messages you want to highlight in your conversation with yourself.

Saved messages are something like a conversation with you about s******s, where you can send photos, videos, messages or whatever you want, so you always have them close at hand and on all your devices. If you forward messages from other chats they will appear as a preview and touching them will open the chat to the point where they were sent just like the WhatsApp messages shown.

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