After the music release that YouTube Music is going to receive from Google Play Music, there was a big question to be answered: when would the official tool be available for move all content from one platform to another? Well, this tool is starting to be available to all users. And it’s really easy to use.

Google is a company that likes to maintain several almost identical services, which is why Play Music and YouTube Music have lived together for so long. But everything has a limit, as Google itself has confirmed: there can only be one. And the one chosen was the most recent platform, YouTube Music: all Play Music subscribers will upgrade to the YouTube music version. Same price, identical music catalog, addition of music clips and the ability to move all Play Music content with a simple tool.

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Everything you have on Play Music is moved to YouTube Music

Google has decided to end the music platform that bears its name, a platform that has innovated in certain respects. One of them was the ability to upload the entire music library to the platform in order to listen to it on any device or be able to download it, an option that YouTube Music also won. This second platform inherits the experience of its predecessor and allows all Play Music subscribers to move all of their account content.

The option was expected since Google announced it a few weeks ago. Content transfer was a promised feature, even Google came up with a form to speed up the process of integrating it into the user account. And finally it happened, we got to check it out in first person.

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With the “Transfer” option, everything you have in Play Music is automatically moved to YouTube Music

To move content from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, you need to perform the following process:

  • Access this website from a browser. It can be desktop and also mobile (in a second you may need to activate the desktop version of the web, otherwise it will take you to the YouTube Music app).
  • You will see a “Forward” button appear at the bottom of the web. Click here.

Transférer Play Music Youtube Music

  • The transfer process starts. This process may take a few hoursIt will all depend on the volume of songs you uploaded to your Google Play Music account. YouTube Music will notify you when the transfer is complete.
  • The content transfer option should also appear in the mobile apps, under “Settings” (your avatar menu). The specific option is named such as “Transfer” (it does not appear to us yet).
  • Google will transfer all your content from Play Music to YouTube Music– Recommendations, playlists and stations, songs you like and those you don’t like, albums and songs from your collection, all songs you downloaded from your local library and it will also transfer all the music you have purchased.
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Transférer Play Music Youtube Music

The process shouldn’t take too long: when done, you’ll have everything from Google Play Music to YouTube Music; outside of the content you already have on the YouTube music platform. If you still don’t see the web upload option, you’ll have to wait a bit: Google will gradually activate it for all users.

Source : Frandroid