How to Order Dgt Sticker.

How to Order a DGTM Sticker

It is possible to request a vehicle sticker from the General Directorate of Traffic of Spain (DGTM). This sticker is necessary to receive the legal adjustments and pay the corresponding fee. Here is a step-by-step guide to requesting a DGTM sticker:

Step 1: Select the Authorized Vehicle Inspector Seal

You must choose an authorized inspector to inspect your vehicle. You should always make sure that the inspector is authorized by the Ministry of Public Works.

How to Order Dgt Sticker

Step 2: Calculate the Fee

Once the vehicle has passed inspection, the inspector will ask for a fee, depending on the age of the vehicle.

Step 3: Upload the Necessary Documents

After calculating the fee based on seniority, you will have to upload the necessary documents to request the vehicle control sticker. These documents include:

How to Order Dgt Sticker
  • Vehicle registration and identity document
  • Fee payment receipt
  • Vehicle inspection report

Step 4: Receive the Vehicle Control Sticker

Once all the documents have been sent correctly, the responsible body issues the DGTM stickers and sends it to the applicant’s address within a period of 10 to 15 days.

Step 5: Place the Sticker

The sticker must be placed on one of the front windows of the vehicle. It must be perfectly affixed to ensure that the traffic policeman can easily see it.

How to Order Dgt Sticker

By following these steps, you can request and receive the DGTM stickers for your vehicle in an easy, safe and hassle-free way.

How do you get the DGT sticker?

How and where to acquire the environmental badge Post Offices. Network of workshops of the Spanish Confederation of workshops (CETRAA) and other networks of authorized workshops. Administrative Managers. Institute of Automotive Studies (IDEAUTO) and other specialized establishments. In the link to the DGT website:

How to Order Dgt Sticker

You can also obtain environmental stickers from the DGT through the telephone hotline 900 101099 to request that the badge be sent to you by mail.

What happens if you don’t have the DGT sticker?

From April, fines of between 100 and 1,800 euros will begin to be imposed on those who travel without the environmental label through this sector.

How to Request a DGT Sticker?

What is a DGT sticker?

A DGT sticker is a document issued by the Ministry of Interior for vehicles traveling on interurban roads. This sticker must be located on the left side of the windshield of the car, that is, from inside the vehicle it is necessary to have it in front of ourselves so that it is visible.

How to Order Dgt Sticker

Steps to follow to request a DGT sticker:

  • Register the vehicle: if the vehicle is not yet registered, before requesting a sticker, it must be registered at the traffic offices in the area or at the traffic office of the Headquarters of the same province.
  • Request an appointment to request the sticker: to request stickers for vehicles registered with the General Directorate of Traffic, you can make an appointment through your Web page.
  • Go to the appointment to request the DGT sticker: to request a DGT sticker it is necessary to bring the following documents: vehicle circulation permit, owner’s identity card, document proving payment of the fee, circulation authorization document, etc.
  • Pick up the DGT sticker: once in the office, you can pick up the sticker for free, as long as all the documents are present.

Where to place the sticker?

Once the sticker is received, it must be placed on the left side of the car’s windshield, from inside the vehicle. Make sure it is securely attached to prevent it from flying off. This is all you need to know to successfully apply for a DGT sticker.

How to order sticker B?

For this, you will have to go to an ITV, request a simple modification, as if it were for a tow ball, pay the relevant fees and, with that file, they will make the change in the system and we will be able to request the sticker.

How to order a DGT sticker

DGT stickers are self-adhesive labels that are placed on the left side of the trunk. They are used to verify the environmental status of cars.

How to Order Dgt Sticker

Steps to order the DGT sticker:

  • find out: Find out the price, size and delivery times before buying.
  • Find the dealership: The acquisition has to be done through an official dealership.
  • Submit the documentation: You must present the documentation and the previous payment to be able to acquire it.
  • Request: Make the request for the DGT sticker and hope to have it as soon as possible.

The demand for DGT stickers is increasing, and for this reason many of the dealerships are experiencing delays. Therefore, it is advisable to make an application in advance.