How to Organize Your Bookmarks With a Little Elbow Grease.

Bookmarking a link is the easiest way to save anything, as it’s quick and requires no tool other than your own browser. Unfortunately, bookmarks, because they are so easy to create, often end up being misused until all that’s left is a large number of links. My library of bookmarks was no different; it was full of folders nested in folders. The folders were poorly named and were usually named to suit the “occasion” for which I needed a particular link rather than by topic. I had duplicate bookmarks by the dozens and the most disappointing thing is that it was hard to find the right bookmark because I had organized them so badly. Start the cleaning operation.


Before you start organizing your bookmarks, you need to know if you need additional tools (extensions or plugins) and what the Bookmark Manager can do. Chrome’s Bookmark Manager will sort bookmarks by title only, while Firefox offers many more sorting options, such as by name, date, tags, or location. Technically, if your bookmarks are a mess, tags aren’t likely to be added to them, but a web page’s default description will help. You can cut, copy, and paste bookmarks just like a file. Multiple bookmarks can be selected using the Shift or Ctrl keys and can be dragged and dropped to a different folder to move them.

How to Organize Your Bookmarks With a Little Elbow Grease


Start by putting some sort of order on your bookmarks. Don’t organize from folder to folder; instead, start with a holistic view and select the folder from the Bookmarks bar. All subfolders will appear as they are, so you’ll see them anyway. Sorts the bookmarks bar by title. For more sorting options that your browser doesn’t support, try Super Sorter for Chrome and for Firefox.

Remove duplicate bookmarks

Remember to remove only duplicate bookmarks. Don’t delete any folders that have the same name, still by no means. Chrome users can use the Super Sorter mentioned in the previous section to remove bookmarks and Firefox users can try Bookmark Duplicate Cleaner. Don’t think too much about the folder in which a bookmark is saved. Just remove the bookmarks because you’re essentially losing nothing and then move on.

How to Organize Your Bookmarks With a Little Elbow Grease

Duplicate folders

Assuming you’ve sorted all the folders in the Bookmarks bar by title, you should be able to easily see what duplicate folders exist. Just drag and drop bookmarks from one folder to another of the same name. Dealing with duplicate folders is easier because, for better or worse, they’re organized by topic. Go through all your duplicate folders and in the end, you will have empty folders from which you took the bookmarks. Go ahead and delete them.

folder merge

There is no merge feature available in Firefox or Chrome. This is something you will do manually. Start with folders; You will no longer have folders with the same name at this stage, but you will have folders of a similar nature. For example; You might have a folder dedicated to tutorials for creating vector images, a folder dedicated to tracing images in Illustrator, etc. Consider moving them all to a folder called Illustrator Tutorials, or create a parent folder for them and move them there. This way, the folders are sorted by subject, but also stay true to their original classification.

How to Organize Your Bookmarks With a Little Elbow Grease

This is where you will deal with most of the clutter in your bookmarks bar. Poorly named folders often have bookmarks that are similar in nature and it makes little sense to keep them in separate folders called ‘Draw Hands’, ‘Draw a Face’, ‘Draw Eyes’ when you can move the bookmarks in them to a folder called ‘Guides’. of drawing’.

disorganized bookmarks

These will be the ones that will consume the most time to organize. The title description should help you as you go through them, one by one. It will move them to existing folders or create new ones if necessary. In the worst case, you may have bookmarks that were saved without a title and you will need to open them. If they are useful, you can move them to the appropriate folder, and if they are not useful, you can delete them from the tab in which they are open.

How to Organize Your Bookmarks With a Little Elbow Grease

Use the search function to find bookmarks on similar topics; for example, it is very likely that all the recipes you have saved have the word Food or Recipe in the title. It’s a quick way to filter them without having to go through different folders. You can select them in bulk and move them to the correct folder.

Prevent this from happening again

By checking your bookmarks, you’ll realize what happened to make things so messy. If you often save links to read later, create a folder where you can save those links and review it often. Delete the bookmarks you don’t need and move the useful ones to the correct folder.


This will take time; It won’t take a whole day as you thought above, but it will take at least 30 minutes of your day. What you will find when you finally get down to business is that moving and organizing bookmarks is exceptionally easy thanks to the default bookmark manager and any shortcomings they may have can be easily filed with the right extension or plugin.

How to Organize Your Bookmarks With a Little Elbow Grease