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How to paint the walls of a house with the Floorplanner program? The elements that make up a house, business, company or any other infrastructure, are a vital part when construction begins or takes shape. Some of them we can modify to taste, changing options.

But there are others that we can simply decorate once done, is the case, for example of the walls. The walls are the base that supports any property, but we can also use it to aesthetic purposesand decorate in different ways, such as adding color, putting pictures, and other decorations that can be added.

to paint them, we must choose before having the wall ready, once it is available to paint it, it is done directly, without exploring many options. If you are one of those people who like to look at several options before starting the job, you need to know the available tools to be able to decorate a house before it is physically made.

Design programs

design programsallow you to recreate a space in a virtual way, to later transfer it to real life and be able to preview how will the result be Before this work was done manually, so it took a long time to start with all the decoration and other aspects to decorate.

But with the design softwarewe can simplify the work and offer the same quality, since these programs incorporate in their system all the tools and functions to start with the design and decoration of a space.

And not only him create the plan and the different roomswe can also add separate objects such as furniture and other decorative items, to better contemplate the decorated.

Floorplanner: create floor plans and internal decoration of a house

floor planner It is a program where we can make the designs for the creation of a house, from the rooms to the entire space in general, we can add different options as well as change height, width and any measurement to recreate the newly built house as realistically as possible.

Is application It is used mostly by engineers and companies that are dedicated to interior decoration, since it has a simple interface. But we can choose to use the different usage plans, from an independent account, designed for work, small, and there are also options for small businesses and large companies. The user chooses the one that suits him best.

And with this program, we can paint easilyand choose from the range of colors, which will be the best option.

How to paint the walls of a house with the Floorplanner program?

Once we have made the skeleton of the house, we choose 3D visualizationwhere we can see the house from inside, and look for the wall or walls that we want to change color, once we have it close, we click on it and a window will open. menu with options.

In that menu, we will see a painting with colors, from there we can change the wall, simply choosing which color to add. Once it’s done, we leave the 3D view and save the changes. We repeat this process if we want to experiment with different colors.

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