How to participate in the Toluna community? A community similar to a social network where you can take surveys, play games and earn points in the process is Toluna. This platform was born around the year 2002, so that anyone could have access to different paid surveys, comment on different things and win prizes.

In it you can not only enjoy the procedures described in the previous paragraph, you can also get in touch with other users, interact with them in forums, topics and even carry out out knowledge duels.

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This interaction is very simple and in the article you are about to read, you will learn all the procedures to extract the take full advantage of this platform.

Before, a bit of Toluna

Toluna is both a web platform and an application where any user can sign up to answer surveys. This is not the only goal of Tolunaits users can become an influencer, where their interaction improves the marketing of many brands sponsoring the platform through their surveys.

Brands as recognized as l’oréal, Coca-cola or Fiat They are part of Toluna.

to integrate the community of Tolunathe first procedure is to join through your email, password, name, last name, date of birth, zip code and an optional phone number.

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Once this is done, log in to access the profile. From here you will have access to all community elements.

Ways to participate in Toluna

To access the Toluna community go to the Community tab. Automatically, the main view of your profile will change to show you a column made up of three main tabs and a series of comments that will also be organized by tabs.

The main tabs are: Quick vote, Theme, Do you like it? and Duel. Each of these tabs are activities that you can develop within the Toluna platform to earn points and exchange them for prizes.

  • quick vote: In this tab you ask a question where you can include an image and write the answers. This option is known as Quick Vote because people after reading them can leave a button which is worth about 15 points.
  • Issue: as its name suggests, in this tab you can create a theme by adding an image and leaving your own opinion and where users You can comment your opinions.
  • Do you like it?: In these tabs you add an image and wait for people to comment on it answering if they like it or not.
  • Duel: In this tab, then upload two images or two videos and ask a question about what is contained in these elements. Users actively participate to compare both images or discern them according to the question asked.
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The comments

Under the main tabs You will find all the comments that users have made, the quick votes, the topics you like or the active duels. These will be organized by the Recent, Popular and Recommended tabs. In Recent you will have access to the latest comments that have been made, in Popular those with the most votes and in Recommended those that the platform considers would be of interest to the user.