How to perform the Insurrection mission in Cyberpunk 2077? This quest is activated by completing the main quest “New Times, Times, Wild Times”

Start of the mission

Upon reaching the Arasaka tower, follow Hanako through several rooms while you talk to her, depending on where you placed Jackie’s remains in the “Coup” mission, you will be able to see an extra scene, keep in mind that only if you had sent them with Victor.

Meeting with board members

This meeting with the members of the Arasaka board will not end very well because you will have to fight several strong enemies, including a mecca, in this case your objective is to reach the elevator that takes you to the upper atrium.

Then take another elevator to reach the executive floor and on the way to reach the first elevator, if Takamura is still with you, he and his team will help you in this last attack against the enemies. When you get to the presidential zone, be careful, since you are still going to meet more enemies and at the end you are going to meet Adam Smasher.

Fight against Adam Smasher

This fight is distributed in several phases, the first consists of a melee combat, he may also attack you from a distance, and for the second phase he will continue attacking you from a distance, and in the third phase he will be tired and will hardly put up any resistance, but still be alert with their movements.

Try to dodge the melee attacks by moving to the side, if he jumps towards you, move away from him, keep in mind that he will have an area of ​​effect so even though you are far away he could knock you down.

When you see that he is going to attack you from a distance with the projectiles, do not try to dodge or run, look for something that protects you as fast as you can. When it is the second phase he will call several enemies, he defeats them first before facing Smasher again.

Now you will get a shower of missiles which will leave marks in a red circle so you have to get away from that mark. In the third phase, finishing it off won’t be so difficult.

Preparation of your character

In order to face this enemy, try to carry technological weapons and aim with them towards the left side of the chest, which is the enemy’s weak point, the Blade runner’s advantage allows you to do more damage.

You can also choose to hack using the “reset optics” and sneak up to attack him from behind, keep in mind that it is a slow process, but in the long run it will hurt him.

When you finish with him you have to decide whether to finish him off or spare his life, but it is something that will not have a major impact. After the fight go to Yorinobu and talk to him after that go to the elevator with Hellman.

After there you will see the epilogue “Calling the Earth” And with that this mission ends.