How to perform the mission of Nocturne OP. 55 No. 1 in Cyberpunk 2077? This quest starts either with a call from Hanako or after completing the quest “Death Will Visit You” Keep in mind that this quest does not have a return point, so we will not be able to complete more side quests until the end of the game .

But before reaching this point you can complete the missions related to the Panama plot, the Rogue one, the Hanako sub-plot that come by default.

After talking with Hanako and secret ending.

After talking with Hanako, we talk with Viktor and Misty and follow her until we reach the roof, from there we must decide who is going to accompany us because of what will mark or determine the end of V’s story in Night City. If we already know who is going with us, we reconsider it and consider destroying the pills, so another route will be unlocked, which is a minimum effort subplot, it will take us to the credits part.

If you want to unlock the secret ending, keep in mind that you have to be very well prepared and have a high level, spend a few minutes without deciding between any of the two options.

Other endings.

To get the two “Normal” endings in the game you will have to complete the optional missions on Panama and Rogue, so you will have more options when the time comes to decide.

These are your end game options:

  • “I think trusting Arasake is risky, but it’s worth it” It is a default decision, completing this ending to get the achievement “The Devil”
  • “I am going to ask Panama for help” For that you will have to have completed the secondary missions with Panama, in which there are two different endings, such as:
  • In the decision with Alt Cunningham choose “I want to live the life that I have left” In order to complete this ending and get the achievement “The star”
  • During the alt decision Cunningham chooses “The body belongs to Johnny” Complete and get the “Temperance” achievement
  • If you choose Rogue in the option “I think you should go Rogue and you” It is unlocked if you have completed the missions with Johnny and Rogue, if you have it ready complete this ending to get the achievement “SamaGame”

Keep in mind that there is an exception to the route if you ask Panam for help, the decisions you make at the end will be minor depending on the dialogues you choose and the romances you have had.

When you have finished in any ending, you can return to the mission of this story and you can try the other endings, unlock the requirements to have the other endings that you want to do or missions or tasks that you have left along the way, it is advisable to have the game before to come back if you need it.

How to get the secret ending in cyberpunk 2077?’

In addition to the endings mentioned above, there is a secret ending that will depend on your relationship with Johnny Silverhand.

In case you have one of the requirements, choose the option “I think you should go Rogue and you”. And from there you just have to wait without having to make any decision or do anything for about 5 minutes until Johnny Silverhand starts talking, thus unlocking the “Lonely Cadilac”

Bonus ending.

There is also an ending so to speak “extra” in which you can unlock it without having some of the previous requirements.

To do it, in the decision of Nocturne Op 55 N°1 choose any of the options, the game will ask you to confirm your decision and takes you to the end. However, there are other options, you have the possibility to try to decide again “Wait I need a minute” or not perform any of the options that you have at hand in the game “I might as well end it all at once” and this is the option you have to take.