How to perform the mission of The Test in Cyberpunk 2077? There are various missions with multiple outcomes and ways to complete them that affect the development of the game’s story including its ending, the first of which is the mission The Test>>, besides being one of the most difficult missions in the game if you are not prepared .

How to perform the mission of The Test in Cyberpunk 2077?

In this mission, your goal is to meet the Maelstorm Gang first hand, and they will ask you to get a Militech Robot by any means, either peacefully with your own income, or a more violent way, stealing it from somewhere.

The decisions to take into account in The Test.

There will be three important choices that you will make in the mission, what will move the story, the relationship with the gangs of NightCity and what kind of ending you can get. We’ll walk you through the steps and their consequences, which are call or ignore Meredith Stout, Relax Jackie or not, and pay or shoot Royce at the end.

Take Meredith Stout’s call.

This will be presented to us as a secondary mission before reaching the main objective, where they tell us to meet Agent Militech Stout, this character, will know when our character lies or tells the truthso the decisions will not affect us here.

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Then it will give us the option to give us a Militech chip, this one has a significant impactKeep that in mind, that’s why we recommend that you pick it up to make the payment for the Militech robot, in addition, it will unlock more options and missions much later as the story progresses.

Once with the chip in your inventory, you can analyze it and make a decision yourself, you can decide whether to hack the chip or leave it as Agent Stout gave it to you, this also affects the progress of the mission, it is recommended to hack it by completing the mini- game and your character will discover that he is corrupted with a malware virus.

Calm Jackie down when facing Dum Dum

Already being in the mission of the main objective, you will communicate with Jackie and they will be in a warehouse of the MaelStorm gang, once near the unique door and that is marked, you will find a new character called Dum Dum.

Dum Dum will tell Jackie to sit down, but he doesn’t feel comfortable with the gang member, Dum Dum will get a little more upset and violent against Jackie, so you’ll have to decide what to do, whether to ask him to calm down and sit away, or to let the fight play out.

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If you take Jackie away from the fight, Dum Dum will calm down and start talking to you about the mission and getting the Militech bot, you can also accept some of the merchandise he provides. Royce will also enter the scene, who will ask for the missing payment from the Militech robot.

How to perform the mission of The Test in Cyberpunk 2077?

If otherwise, you let Jackie fight Dum Dum, it will turn into a battle between the characters against Maelstorm, you will have to fight your way with your weapons and search for the robot by your own means. You will also meet Royce, but in the form of an enemy boss, and you will have to neutralize him to get out with the robot.

Pay Royce or Shoot him.

If you took the path of taking things easy with Jackie, here he will ask you to pay back for the Militech Robot, here you will have 2 options, Shoot him or Pay him.

The choice to shoot Royce will depend on your physical strength (if you have your high build), or just a high level weapon and pull the trigger.

If you do this, you will have to face in this same area the MaelStorm gang including Royce, this will leave you the best rewards, which would be the Militech Robot, Royce’s unique weapon called “Chaos”, and you can keep the Militech chip that Meredith gave you at the beginning of the mission to use later.

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Pay with the Militech Chip.

If you take the things in a negotiable way, you will have to pay with your own money, or the Militech chip, paying with your money is a very unfavorable option, since it costs high and it is not for your use, but it will improve your relationship with the gang, And Agent Stout won’t be promoted.

If you choose to pay with the chip, depending if you cleaned it from the malware virusin case if you didn’t, Royce will get hacked, and you will have to eliminate him and steal the robot, it is also another opportunity to take the weapon “Chaos” but keep in mind that you will lose the chip.

How to perform the mission of The Test in Cyberpunk 2077?

In the case of giving virus clean chip, you will tell him that Militech is looking for him, and he will thank you, a few seconds later, Militech will attack both MaelStorm and you, destroying their drones and leaving rare upgrade material.

Better Decisions.

Having good decisions is important in this part of the game, therefore we will show you a list of the best decisions for this mission.

  • Agree to talk to Meredith Stout and get the Militech chip.
  • Hack it and clean the virus.
  • Enter the warehouse with Jackie
  • Calm down Jackie and talk to Dum Dum
  • Shoot Royce when he gives you the chance.