How to perform the Welcome mission in Cyberpunk 2077? Starts right after completing the previous mission “The shell is going to explode” and you are going to start talking to Panam inside Panzer.

Next, get out of the Basilisk and join Mitch and Saul. Approach the marked objective to find them both waiting for you and Panam by the stairs. Your next objective is to head to the control room with Panam to start making your way to the Arasaka building. Shortly after, head outside and talk to Saul again. After the conversation, you will now start to infiltrate the Arasaka building.

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The drones arrive and entering the building

There are two enemies that are talking to each other, you can use the box and wait for them to finish talking. Once that happens. Take him out while Saul stays with the other one. He now enters the terminal after the two guards have been dealt with and waits for the Villagers to gather.

Here in this area the drones arrive, but you can easily avoid them if you stick to the left side from the start. The goal, or objective, is to climb the ladder past thus entering the maintenance chute.

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Talk to Saúl to find out what the other objective is, which is to go to the security room, you can enter through a grate that is in a farthest corner on the upper floor or enter a door on the lower floor. If you meet the required attribute you can force open the door in the control room, this saves you time as it is a shortcut that leads to the security room.

But since you don’t have it, do this, go downstairs, go through the left door and you will go around the entire room sticking to the left side, while you are going to meet guards, but, this way it will be easier for you to get to the security room, to go on the right side. Then go up a ladder, eliminate the enemies, go to the bottom in the lower part where there is a grate through which you have to enter, but be careful, since there is a guard below.

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in the security room

When you are already in the security room, you will find a netrunner in which you have to eliminate, but she will be distracted with the terminal so she then connects the spike with the terminal. Defeat the neturunner, go to the terminal and place the fragment and meet with Saula and mitch while waiting for Alt. And once everything is ready, leave the place and go where the netrunner’s nest is to go to Mikoshi

in mikoshi

When you get to Mikoshi, get ready to fight against Adam Smasher, keep in mind that you are going to lose one of your companions, in this case it is Saul, for which Panam will help you fight against Adam.

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You can defeat Adam using tech weapons, you defeat him to achieve the objective, but keep in mind that after beating the boss you can have the optional objective to leave or kill him.

After defeating Adam, take Saul’s weapon, talk to Panam and go to Mikoshi’s access point, in order to complete this mission, while you are in cyberspace you will have to decide the fate of V. And it depends on your choice you can get the other epilogue missions like “New Dawn Fades” or All along the Wachtower.