How to play Counter Strike online?.

How to play Counter Strike online? Counter Strike has become a true addiction for millions of gamers, but above all, for lovers of multiplayer first-person shooters. But, especially, more and more people are playing Counter Strike online to interact with people from all over the world, with neighbors, colleagues and counting.

  • Counter Strike, the target game you can’t stop playing.

But, there are gamers who still don’t know how to get started in this shooting game onlineTherefore, we have decided to write this post to explain how to do it and what you need to start this mission.

How to play Counter Strike online?

What should you take into consideration?

Before you start playing Counter Strike on your computer, We invite you to download version 1.6 of this title, downloading the following files:

  • Counter Strike 1.6 No Steam Full V7.
  • Counter Strike 1.6 V23B Patch.
  • sXe Injected.

The three compressed files you can download from the following link:

How to play Counter Strike online?

Of course, before downloading Verify that your computer meets the following minimum requirements:

How to play Counter Strike online?
  • Pentium II 350 MHZ.
  • 128MB of RAM.
  • Graphics card equal or better 3D with DIRECTX.
  • 600 MB of space (freed) on the hard disk.

After downloading the game on your computeryou must proceed to:

  • Install Counter Strike 1.6 No Steam.
  • Install Patch v23b.
  • Install sXe Injected (Latest Version).

What to do to play Counter Strike 1.6 online?

After installing each of the programsto start playing online you must follow this path:

How to play Counter Strike online?
  • Enter the icon sXe Injected located on the DESKTOP of your computer.
  • Initiated sXe Injected, you will have to go back to your DESKTOP and locate the Counter Strike 1.6 No Steam icon. Already in the program, execute these instructions:
    • Gonna “FIND SERVERS”.
    • Followed by “FAVORITES”.
    • And finally “ADD SERVER”.

    Then, a window will open where you will have to write the IP address of the server where you want to play

    • Which side would you join? The terrorists? Or the counterterrorists?


    You can also stream Counter Strike download for free from the web portal of its developersHere is the link:

    How to play Counter Strike online?

    But you must have installed “Steam”, being this the main gaming platform worldwide.