How to Play Magic: the Gathering Arena on Mobile (Guide).

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Magic: the Gathering Arena is the digital version of the most famous RPG card game in the world. The game has been trying to hitch a long life in the online world since the physical version was released in 1993.

How to Play Magic: the Gathering Arena on Mobile (Guide)

Developed and published by Wizards of the Coast, the game received fans from all over the world and is already part of esports tournaments. In early 2021, the company released an early version for Android phones, which should further increase the fan base.

Magic: the Gathering Arena has arrived to win over card game fans.Source: MAGIC

How to Play Magic: the Gathering Arena on Mobile (Guide)

How to play Magic: The Gathering Arena?

The game follows the same premise as the physical card game, but with a significant change: everything can be purchased for free. The more challenges you complete, the more cards you unlock. There is also an in-app purchase option for those who want to develop the deck faster.

Playing Magic may sound complicated, but it isn’t. The rules are easy to understand, and game development depends on the material at hand. Therefore, it is possible to divide the deck into two types of cards: land it’s from execution.

How to Play Magic: the Gathering Arena on Mobile (Guide)

You land they are symbolized by the colors white, red, green, blue and black. There are some terrains considered rare, which are equivalent to two or all colors simultaneously.

Some land types available in Magic: Arena.Source: MAGIC

How to Play Magic: the Gathering Arena on Mobile (Guide)

At execution letters can be divided into artifacts, spells, enchantments, auras, planeswalker and creatures. Each of them has a required land value so that it can be placed on the table and participate in the gameplay. The objective is to defeat the opponent, and for that it is necessary to take 20 life points from him, using a perfect combination of lands and execution cards.

The game has a robust tutorial and very simple to understand, which can make it even easier for beginners to understand, as it allows you to learn the basic mechanics of action.

How to assemble the deck?

There are several ways to customize the game deck. To do well in Magic: The Gathering Arena it is essential to build the deck. A large part of the strategy involves knowing and having control of all the cards. Players already start the dispute with hundreds of them, which can be acquired in greater numbers by winning tournaments, ranked disputes and fulfilling certain objectives, such as accessing the game on consecutive days.

How to Play Magic: the Gathering Arena on Mobile (Guide)

It is always worth remembering that new collections are constantly arriving on the market. By having knowledge of all the content, it is possible to diversify the deck and even make it a reference among players. Collections are released frequently, such as the current Zendikar Rising.

Build your deck evenly between execution cards and lands.Source: MAGIC

Generally, players follow a few basics when building the deck, which can be created with only creatures or spells, slow or fast. Still, you can opt for fast action decks, but with little firepower, and slower decks, which prioritize damage to the opponent.

How to Play Magic: the Gathering Arena on Mobile (Guide)

Decks can also be assembled by color. Each player can choose the formation they want, but most choose to use a maximum of three types. The most important thing is for the player to analyze the cards he has and form a deck that he likes, joining his playing style to the power found in the cards.

Always remember to strike a balance between execution cards and land cards. This way, your game will flow in the best possible way, since the lack of balance in this aspect can lead to slow game actions.

Creating copies of letters

Another fundamental part of the game is the possibility to create copies of the main cards. To produce a twin card, you must use the wildcards acquired as a reward. The player has the common wilds, unusual, rare and mythical.

It is possible to have four of the same cards in a game deck, so the jokers must be kept well to be used at the correct time. At certain times, it is possible to make a copy and get it as a reward right away.

How to Play Magic: the Gathering Arena on Mobile (Guide)

Participate in ranked matches and tournaments to level up quickly.Source: MAGIC

Diversify your playing style

To be successful in Magic: Arena it is essential to play in all available modes. Before venturing against another player, it’s important to spend a lot of time playing against the artificial intelligence. This way, you can learn the basic commands and, mainly, know all the cards.

As the game progresses, the gamer can start participating in ranked matches to acquire gems and then play in tournaments. Competitions have great rewards and help to increase the library of creatures and spells. You should also keep an eye on the special events calendar, as they can further increase your chances for growth within the game.

How to Play Magic: the Gathering Arena on Mobile (Guide)