How to play resident evil 5 with 2 players on pc?.

How to play resident evil 5 with 2 players on pc? There are Resident Evil games that are a complete gem, there are emblematic cases of this game and we cannot rule out resident evil 5 because it is incredible how they managed to implement the cooperative mode in their story games, however, this was only for consoles from PS3 and Xbox, on the other hand, a little over 2 years ago, players managed to find a way to allow split screen.

If you want to know how to play in split screen from a PC without the game crashing or without having problems, we will have to follow a series of steps, for this we must take into account that it is only a patch created by the players themselves because on PC the The creators of the game had left it forgotten, in the same way it has been proven that it is one of the best patches created by players to play 2 people from the computer.

How to play resident evil 5 with 2 players on pc?

What do we have to have to be able to play in duos?

First of all you need to have the game previously installed and in addition to this if you search the internet you will find a compressed file with how to play, this file is the key because just by placing it in the resident evil files you can start playing with your friends, you can find the file in the link that we will leave you below, without it you will not be able to run the coop even if you know how to play resident evil 5 2 player on pc

How to play resident evil 5 with 2 players on pc?

Once you have downloaded the file and have the game already installed, you must be careful where you place the folder with the necessary information to start the screen, we are going to teach you what you must do to be able to play without problems on your PC with 2 people.

Steps to follow to place the file in Resident evil 5

In order to do everything correctly you must follow a series of steps, it is not enough just to download the file, but you have to paste it into the game files and make them run well, if not it is possible that you did not follow the steps correctly correct, to be able to play in split screen you must:

How to play resident evil 5 with 2 players on pc?
  • Copy the first two files that will appear in the compressed file
  • Go to the game folder of resident evil 5
  • We give said folder where it is installed and paste the split screen files there.
  • We give the file that seems to have two profiles or two people as a thumbnail
  • We run as administrator and you must enter the game directly
  • You click to play as if you were going to enter the story normally and if everything runs fine you should enter the story at once on a split screen.
  • What should you consider?

    The last thing you should keep in mind to be able to enter the game without problems is that you need Xbox controls or another type of device compatible with the PC because in no way does it allow you to play with a keyboard and mouse because it crashes, therefore this is the only way how to play resident evil 5 2 player on pcwithout the controls the game will not run well and it will come out this is super important if you want to play without problems.