How to play Spiral Abyss mode in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an amazing adventure game that has gained huge popularity among gamers. The Spiral Abyss mode of this game is one of the most challenging modes to play. Collect challenges that you must overcome to obtain unique loot. Are you ready to test your skill? These are some tricks that will help you win in Genshin Impact.

How to play Spiral Abyss mode in Genshin Impact

Understanding Spiral Abyss Mode

Spiral Abyss is divided into six increasingly difficult levels. By completing each of them, you gain access to the rewards of that level. In addition to the regular ones, there are also optional challenges that allow you to increase your rewards. However, the levels and challenges come with serious consequences: if a character on your team runs out of HP, you will automatically fail the Spiral Abyss.

Know the Map

It is important that you familiarize yourself with the map before you start playing. Study all the paths and puzzles that you will have to complete to reach your desired ending. This will give you a better understanding of how to carry out the mission. Take a note of the best paths in the room to maximize the time you spend.

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Election of Team Composition

It is important that you choose the best characters for your team in Genshin Impact. While they all have their unique abilities, the most important ones for completing Spiral Abyss mode are as follows:

  • Bennett: A versatile item that can act as a group support. In addition, his unique ability allows you to increase the resistance of all team members.
  • sucrose: This is a very useful teammate as it allows you to heal up and speed up your teammates’ attack.
  • Xiangling: This is a very useful ally to complete any task, since it has elements of fire and wind, which makes it ready to face the elements of water and earth.

Additional cheats to use in Spiral Abyss mode

Some additional cheats that can be helpful when playing Spiral Abyss include:

  • Try to open the way using the elemental objects. These have additional effects when used, such as destroying obstacles in the way.
  • Try to carry some poison in your bag to get rid of some creatures that are more difficult to defeat. Take advantage of your favorite element to deal damage to enemies.
  • It’s a good idea to gather a few air pumps to clean the smaller spots. Exploding these bombs at once deals heavy damage to enemies.
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Genshin Impact provides you with a lot of options to carry out your goal. Always remember to have fun while playing. So arm yourself with patience, follow these tips and hone your skills to become an expert player of Spiral Abyss mode.

How to play Spiral Abyss mode in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact offers some of the best combat and adventure game experiences today. Spiral Abyss mode is a good way to challenge yourself and earn interesting rewards.

Tips for a successful game in Spiral Abyss mode:

  • Relax and enjoy the game: Don’t try to finish Spiral Abyss quickly, but rather enjoy the ride. Find new characters to try out and I must admit “attitude bits”.
  • Prepare before you go in: Be sure to equip and upgrade your characters before testing your skills in Spiral Abyss. This means balancing your gear, using the right supplements, and connecting with friends for Wishes coins.
  • Explore the kingdom: Explore all the corners and all the clues that they leave you, they can lead you to interesting rewards. Use Travel Flint for even better rewards.

Examples of Spiral Abyss Mode

Below are some examples of Spiral Abyss Mode to help you better understand the concept:

  • Achievement Mode: Sometimes games feature an achievement mode to unlock extra challenges. This often involves completing various tasks to increase your game points.
  • Climbing Challenges: These challenges involve climbing a tower, where you will have to defeat enemies and overcome the challenges that come your way.
  • Cloudbuster: These challenges usually include various end-of-level bosses, which you will have to defeat to progress in the game.
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Once you’ve understood the concept, you’re ready to put yourself to the test. Just remember that this is a fun and rewarding gaming experience.

How to play Spiral Abyss mode in Genshin Impact

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