How to properly download and configure iCloud for Windows.

We all like to have our complete ecosystem Apple, with all apple devices working the same. However, sometimes we are forced, either by work or by some application or game that is not available for MacOS, to have a computer with Microsoft’s operating system or to install it on our Mac with Boot Camp or any other method.

If this is your case it would be very good for you to have access to your iCloud cloud in the Windows operating system that you use to be able to access the information you have stored, your contacts, your mail, calendar, etc. Next we will see how to install the official Apple application on your Windows device.

How to properly download and configure iCloud for Windows

Download the iCloud app for Windows

In this case there is a official app from the Cupertino company for the Microsoft operating system, just search Google for “iCloud for Mac” and it will take us directly to the software download website.

On this website they explain exactly what we can do with this app out of our Apple devices and just press the button “Download” so that the download of the installer begins instantly, which will take us about 160 Mb. In my case, when I downloaded, my PC warned me that the file could cause damage to my computer, but I trust Apple’s software.

How to properly download and configure iCloud for Windows

Install downloaded software

Once the installer has been downloaded to our computer, we execute double-clicking with the mouse and press “Execute” in the window that appears. The next thing we are shown is the “iCloud License Agreement for Windows and Extensions.” We read the contract well and at the bottom we mark “I accept the terms of the license agreement”, if we want the application to be automatically updated, we leave the corresponding option checked and if not, we uncheck it and click on the “Install” button. If we have Windows user account control configured, it will ask us for permission to install it. At that moment the application will be installed.

Once the task is finished, the installer will ask us to restart the computer. If we plan to do it later, click on “No”, on the contrary, click on “Yes” to restart at that moment.

How to properly download and configure iCloud for Windows

Set up iCloud for Windows

This app is very intuitive and very easy to configure. Once we have restarted the computer and with the application open on our PC, we will see the login window. At this time we enter the email and password of our Apple ID to start the application.

Once we log in with our Apple ID we see the main screen of the application. In it we can choose what we want to synchronize between our iCloud account and the PC.

How to properly download and configure iCloud for Windows

What can I do with the iCloud for Windows application?

On the Apple support website they detail what allows us to synchronize the application with our iCloud account and how to use it. Below we detail the functions that we can sync up on our PC.

Synchronize our mail, calendar, tasks and contacts on all our devices

If we check the box “Mail, contacts, calendars and tasks” in the application settings, our iCloud data will be synchronized with the application Outlook from the PC, so we can have our data updated at all times from any device.

Download photos from iCloud and share them

If we activate the photos function, a binder on the PC with the photos and videos that we have in iCloud. From that folder we can see the photos that we upload to iCloud from our Apple devices. If we have a photo or video on the PC that we want to see on our iPhone for example, we will only have to copy it to the folder and it will automatically be uploaded to iCloud.

How to properly download and configure iCloud for Windows

View our files in iCloud Drive and upload files from PC

When activating the application, a folder called “iCloud Drive” will be created on the PC. In that folder we will directly see all the documents that we have in the cloud and we can add new documents from the PC at any time.

As you can see it is an application simple to install and configure With which we can access our iCloud Drive to work with the files that we use in our day to day in a simple way and to be able to view and share our photos and videos from any computer.