How to put a different wallpaper for each chat in WhatsApp Beta.

We are going to explain to you how to put a different wallpaper for each chat in WhatsApp, something for which you will need to download the beta version of WhatsApp, as it is a functionality that is still being tested. And taking into account that the betas are closed on iOS, it is a function that at the moment you can only use on Android.

It is a function that begins to reach some beta versions of WhatsApp, but not all, so it is possible that after joining and updating you still do not see it. With her, you can finally give each conversation a different wallpaper, and thus be able to make the aesthetics of each one match what it transmits to you instead of having to limit yourself to putting the same background on all of them as it happens until now.

Different backgrounds in each chat with WhatsApp Beta

The first thing you have to do is sign up for the WhatsApp beta and download its trial version on your mobile. In this article we detail all the steps you have to take, but in Android they can be summarized in signing up on this beta website, and then going here so that this version will appear and download it on your mobile. On iOS, participation in the beta is limited to 10,000 people per app, and there are never usually slots to sign up for WhatsApp.

How to put a different wallpaper for each chat in WhatsApp Beta

Once you have the beta, as we have told you, it is possible that you have this option of the different funds but it is also possible that you do not have it. To check it, enter the chat whose background you want to customize and press the three-dot botón button that you have in the upper right corner.

When you click on the three-dot ⋮ button, a menu with options related to this chat will open. In this menu, click on the Wallpaper option to enter the screen where you will be able to customize it.

How to put a different wallpaper for each chat in WhatsApp Beta

If your version of WhatsApp beta has the new wallpaper options, you will see a menu like the one in the screenshot you have just above. In it, you will see that the backgrounds are divided into four different sections, including one for your photos. Click on the section in which you want to search for a fund for the conversation you’re in.

Within each of the sections, you will see a selection of photo backgrounds to use as wallpaper. What you have to do is go browsing through the sections and click on the background that you like and that you want to use in the chat where you are doing the process.

How to put a different wallpaper for each chat in WhatsApp Beta

When you click on one of the backgrounds, you will see a preview showing how it will look. If you don’t like it, you can go back and choose another one. And if you like it, click on the Set Wallpaper button to apply it to the specific conversation where you started the background configuration process.

In this beta, WhatsApp offers you four categories of wallpapers: light, dark, solid colors or your photos. Initially, there are 31 light, 29 dark, and 27 solid color backgrounds. And the fourth option will open the photo gallery of your mobile, and you will have as many backgrounds as there are photos there, being able to choose any of them for the background.

How to put a different wallpaper for each chat in WhatsApp Beta