How to put emojis on Discord.

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Emojis, which were created between 1998 and 1999, have been integrated into our communication over the years. This phenomenon is easily noticed from the days of MSN to the present day, with its widespread use in social networks, messaging applications and other Internet spaces. In this article, we’ll teach you how to access emojis in Discord.

How to put emojis on Discord
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In addition to being an easy task, it is still possible to do it in all versions. Emojis are available in the mobile app as well as the desktop program and the web version. Check out how to use the famous yellow faces on the platform below:

How to use emojis in Discord?

How to access the emoji window.Source: Kris Gaiato/Reproduction

How to put emojis on Discord

Access Discord and join a server or a one-on-one conversation. At the bottom of the screen, in the typing field, find the “Emoji Selector” represented by a little face at the far right. This action will open a small window with all available options. Through it, you can still access GIFs and stickers, just change tabs.

Emojis are organized into a few categories: the ones you use most often, the ones unique to the servers you’re on, and the default templates. Although this makes it easier to find, it is still possible to search for specific faces in the search bar.

How to put emojis on Discord

To use an emoji, just tap on it and then send the message. You can select several at the same time by pressing the Shift key and left-clicking. If some options are grayed out, it means that you cannot use them in the active chat at the moment. This is because they are exclusive to another server or you are not authorized to use them.

How to add custom emojis?

How to access server settings to add custom emojis.Source: Kris Gaiato/Reproduction

How to put emojis on Discord

If you have your own Discord server or have permission to manage emojis, be aware that you can add up to 50 custom templates for you and everyone in the chat to use.

How to add custom emojis.Source: Kris Gaiato/Reproduction

To do so, just click on the down arrow next to the server name and, among the available options, select “Server Settings”. Once that’s done, tap on the “Emoji” tab, upload the image and type a “nickname” for the face, respecting the limit of two characters. The image to be sent must have 128×128 pixels and the file, smaller than 256 Kb.

How to put emojis on Discord

How to use emojis in reactions?

How to react with emojis in Discord.Source: Kris Gaiato/Reproduction

In Discord, you can also use the yellow faces as a reaction to posts by other users. Just hover your mouse over the message and click on the “Add reaction” icon located in the right corner.

This option is also released when right-clicking on the message. You can put more than one reaction to a single post and, just like with emojis, select multiple faces by holding the Shift key and clicking the mouse.

How to put emojis on Discord

Discord Nitro and emojis

(Source: Discord/Disclosure)

It is worth noting that Discord Nitro, a subscription service offered by the voice platform, has some advantages in using the yellow faces, such as its unlimited use on any server or chat, even when dealing with personalized models. This is just a small representation of the benefits of the service, which, among other things, makes available more than R$4,000 in store games, commands and special bots for the servers.