How to Put Food in La Warner

Prepare the food

  • Buy your food: Your Warner tickets allow you to buy food inside the park. You can buy a variety of food, such as pizzas, snacks and appetizers.
  • Prepare the food: Once you have bought your food, it has to do some preparation. Pizzas must be cut into portions and snacks must be placed in bags or jars.

bring the food

  • Buy a bag: It is also advisable to buy a bag to carry food. The bags are available in nearby stores. You can also bring your own bag.
  • Wrap the food: Once you have prepared the food, you need to wrap it to prevent it from staining or spilling. Paper napkins and wrappers are ideal for this.
  • Take food with you: With all the food already prepared and packaged, you can proceed to take it through La Warner. There are many places in the park to eat or rest.

Don’t Forget the Refreshment

  • Take a drink with you: If you plan to spend the day at La Warner, a soft drink is a must. You can buy a soft drink at any of the nearby stores, but you can also bring one from home.
  • Take your own cooler with you: If you want to keep food and drinks cold, it is recommended that you bring a cooler. This will help keep your food and drinks cold throughout the day.

Enjoy The Warner

  • Now that you have the food and drink ready, it’s time to enjoy your visit. Make the most of the day and enjoy all the attractions that La Warner has to offer.

When do the Warner water attractions close?

The water attractions are open from March to October.

How to get food into La Warner

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is an ideal place for fans of pop culture to indulge their senses. Being close to the film sets of iconic titles, it attracts people from all over the world and one of the most popular is Warner! Unfortunately, food items are prohibited inside the park, so prepare before entering. Here are some tips for packing food into La Warner:

pack your things

Before you come, remember to pack some things to eat. The smaller the container, the better. This means things like snack foods, cotton candy, cookies, granola bars, drinks, etc. Avoid bringing dry foods, such as dried fruits and crystallized fruits, since liquid foods are easier to store.

Bring a wheeled suitcase

A rolling suitcase, travel bag, suitcase or any other orthopedic food bag is a great option for bringing food and drinks to La Warner. This will make it easier to store and save time when you get to the box office.

Use a thermal bag

If you plan to spend a whole day at La Warner, then there is nothing better than a cooler bag. This will keep your food fresh and at room temperature throughout the day.

Store food in the car

If you are staying for half a day or just a few hours, you can choose to store food in the car before entering the park. This will help you save time and avoid being stopped by the guards.

Eat food inside the park

If you are interested in visiting La Warner, we highly recommend using the on-site food service. They offer a variety of meals, from cold drinks to homemade food. This will help you stay hydrated and satisfied during your drive through the park, making it a memorable experience for everyone.

Remember: Whatever your eating plan at La Warner, you need to be careful and make sure you don’t cause any damage to the park. Always respect the no food rule to keep the park clean, safe and free of debris.
Now you can start enjoying your visit to The Warner Bros. with your favorite food!

What happens if it rains in Parque Warner?

It is important to know that if the rain or the wind were very intense and stormy, Parque Warner could close some attractions without prior notice or suspend shows for security reasons. It is best to check the weather conditions before approaching the park.