One of the things that brings the most character and personalization to our Mac is wallpapers. The operating system comes with a series of more interesting backgrounds, but, for a more personal touch, we can use our own pictures as a background. In addition, if we wish, we can automate their change at each period.

A photo of Photos as wallpaper

There are several ways to put our photos as wallpaper. The best known is to save the file in a folder and, after a right click, to choose Set as desktop image. Today we will explore how use our photo library to set the backgrounds screen. The steps are simple:

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  1. In the Apple menu () we choose System Preferences.
  2. We entered Screen and desktop savers.
  3. We touch the tab Bureau.
  4. In the left sidebar we touch the little triangle to the left of Pictures.

Arrived here, we have several options. After touching the triangle, we’ll see how the different content options that Photos offers us are displayed. We have Favorites, People, sharing and Albums and, furthermore, each of these sections has subsections which we can access with the same triangle we saw. From there we continue the steps.

We deploy and enter the section that interests us. In this case, in sharing we have a shared album called money, on which we click. When we do, we’ll see all images in the right part of the window. Among all the images that we see appearing, we can choose one and it will automatically be displayed as the wallpaper.

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Several photos of Photos as wallpaper

Of themOf them

Yes, there are other ways to put the images in Photos in the background, but we saw it for precisely a reason: from here we can configure the Mac to keep changing the wallpaper for us.

From this same window, we can Activate Change the image: so that the picture changes from time to timeor. The intervals that we can configure are: every 5 seconds, every minute, every 5 minutes, every 15 minutes, every half hour, every hour or once a day. Some additional options: if we choose Leaving the rest the phone will be changed after the computer has “fallen asleep”, for example when you lower the cover; and if we choose When logging in the wallpaper will be changed on every restart.

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In conjunction with the options we have just seen, we can also activate option Random order to prevent our fundraising from following a sequential order.

As simple as that. Through these steps, we can still have our collection of wallpapers on our Mac. In addition, thanks to being able to change them from time to time and order them at random, we can enjoy a large collection in a calm and pleasant way.

Source: Appleinsider