How to put overlay in Capcut? The overlays are layers added in programs such as Photoshop and Capcut, which allow the proper creation of the image or photograph that we are working on. Likewise, through such options you can create effects such as rain, snow, lights or reflections, between many more. In this article we will learn more about how to do it.

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Place overlay in Capcut

As it is well known overlays result in overlapping layers or borders, which are added to the videos or images that we have created or that we have saved. Some programs are used for these purposes, including Photoshop and Capcut. The latter is the one that interests us since the article deals with it.

Procedure that we must follow for the placement of overlay in Capcut

It is really simple, however, for the purposes of illustration for the reader we will present how to overlay in the following terms:

  • First we must open the capcut app.
  • Click on the new project option, in case you have one already created, click on it, which must be located in the mobile device gallery of the user.
  • They can be photo or video files.
  • After the previous steps, we select the content of what we want to upload and then We will click on the “add” section.
  • As a final step we go to the toolbar area and there we click on the “overlay” option. Then in “insert overlay”.
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As we can see, the steps for placing the overlay in the Capcut tool are very simple. It is important to follow the instructions given and in this way we will have created true images or videos of great attraction for the other users.

What are the types of overlay that can be used?

In the world of image, photo or video design, you can create truly eye-catching works. This through the application of different models or types of the so-called “overlays”. Such designs are even applied in other areas such as advertising, stream content, among many more. Next we will detail some other types of overlay used.

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Other type of overlay used

As we already mentioned in the preceding paragraph, there are various forms and overlay usage tools in different areas of people’s lives. Some of them can be determined as follows:

1.- Overlay Discord

The discord tool It has a function called overlay. It allows that at the moment that the user is in the game, superimposed data of the same application appears on the screen. An example of this is in relation to the so-called avatars of other users, with whom there is a communication relationship, for example names or users, notifications, etc.

2.- Overlay in advertising

In the advertising area, the overlay toolThis will depend on the ad model, however, a specific content to highlight is placed before them. Normally the ad is located in the central area of ​​the screen. Among the characteristics that they usually present, is that they can be text, video or images.

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