How to put subtitles in Capcut? The option to place subtitles to the videos via capcut option It is not cumbersome at all, now the users of this application will be able to make really attractive videos, through several steps that we will discover throughout this article. So go ahead and continue reading to learn more about it.

What is capcut?

Capcut, happens to be a free nature tool, which has been designed for video editing, it has a large number of accessories, all of which make it the perfect option to create incredible videos. Among the possibilities are cutting, recoil and change of speed. Through this wonderful application the process is much easier.

Benefits offered by Capcut

As a primary step, what we have to highlight from said tool is the ease of the procedure of video editingfrom the cell phone’s own mobile device, with the intention of exchanging clips on different social networks, among which the no less well-known and current one, TikTok, stands out.

Placing subtitles in Capcut

There are two known ways to achieve subtitle placement to the different videos that we have in custody, so that readers and users may be aware of it, we will see the procedure to make such benefit.

Process of placing subtitles to videos for social networks

Next we will determine how the procedure is performed placement of subtitles to the videos, for this the user must follow some stipulated steps.

Once inside the Capcut application, we will have to open it to import videos. For the above effects, we must press the option called “Text”, once inside we will see another section “Automatic subtitles”. Within this modality, the selection of the desired language is achieved and we automatically place the subtitles in the video in general.

How do I upload the quality to my videos on Capcut?

The quality in all areas of videos, images or photographs is going to be a very important process for anyone. For this reason, when we talk about it, we are also talking about the improvement process of a certain file, in order to make it more attractive and clear for other users.

In this sense, some necessary steps must be applied, for which we will carry them out through the capcut editornow let’s see the process of raising the quality of the videos.

  • The first thing we will do is Go to “Filters”.
  • Once we are in the “Life” section, we touch on the “Ocher” effect.
  • Immediately we will apply various settings in the videothis for the improvement of appearance.

What other tools does Capcut offer me?

It is important to highlight the readers, apart from the already mentioned tools of placing subtitles to the videos created with Capcutthe editor also offers other alternatives, which we can expose as follows:

  • Cut, change the speed and recoil.
  • Added variety of videos and images.
  • Advanced filters and nice and fun effectsat the same time they must be attractive to the eye.
  • Income of music contained by copyright.
  • Sticker and texts to refine the edit.
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  • Twitter