Tips to quickly raise weapons in Cold War Zombies

1.- Understand weapons

In order to improve weapons in Cold War Zombies, it is important to understand what is the best configuration for each weapon. Some elements to take into account to improve a weapon are:

  • Firepower: the level of damage the weapon causes.
  • precision: the ability to take targets at a distance.
  • Mobility: how quickly the weapon can be reloaded.
  • Weight: the balance of the weapon.

2.- Use technology

Using in-game technology is a great way to quickly upgrade your weapons. For example, intelligence units can give you the location of objectives and weapon parts on the map so you can pick them up quickly. This will help you upgrade your weapons faster.

3.- Improve weapon mods

Weapon mods are very useful to improve weapon shooting, accuracy and focus. These mods can be purchased with points and will allow you to customize your weapon according to the style of play you prefer. Some examples of mods include the damage up mod, the reload upgrade, the damping upgrade, or even the scope magnification upgrade.

4.- Play with friends

Playing with friends is a great way to quickly level up your weapons in the game. If you play with friends, you have a chance to level up faster, the competition will make you have to constantly upgrade your weapons. In addition, friends will help you improve your combat skills and you will be able to learn from their game tactics.

5.- Have fun

At the end of the day, the most important thing when playing Cold War Zombies is to have fun and enjoy the experience. Don’t forget to set goals to upgrade your weapons, but enjoy the road to success.

How to quickly raise weapons in Cold War Zombies

Cold War Zombies is one of the most popular game modes in the Call of Duty franchise. The game is fun and exciting, but increasing the level of weapons is difficult. Here you can find some useful tricks that can help you speed up the progress.

Access the list of objectives

Accessing the target list is a great way to quickly level up your weapons. If you complete the first phase of the objective list, you will receive in-game experience and a weapon objective. When you complete this weapon objective, the weapon level will go up automatically. It is the easiest way to level up.

Spend accumulated credits

Credits are virtual currency that can be used to purchase in-game items and upgrades. As you progress through the game, credits will accumulate and you can spend them to further level up your weapons. This is useful if you want to speed up your weapon progress.

Use the reward system

Cold War Zombies reward system offers you rewards for completing certain tasks. If you complete the assigned challenges, you will receive a series of items and objectives that can help you quickly level up your weapons. It is important to keep in mind that the objects and objectives vary depending on your level of play..

have fun exploring

Exploring the Cold War Zombies map is a fun way to level up your weapons. On your journey you will find useful items such as experience bonuses, weapon targets and credits. By exploring the map, you will have the opportunity to find better weapons and receive more rewards.

With these tricks, leveling up your weapons in Cold War Zombies will be much easier:

  • Access the list of objectives.
  • Spend accumulated credits.
  • Use the reward system.
  • Have fun exploring.

Take advantage of these tricks to speed up your progress and enjoy a better gaming experience in Cold War Zombies.

Welcome to Cold War Zombies: How to quickly raise weapons?

Welcome to the zombie battle in the Cold War! Black Ops Cold War’s newest mode, “Zombies,” is hotter than ever. The game will please you with a variety of firearms as long as you can keep them up to date. The main objective of the game is to keep the zombies at bay. But making sure your weapons are upgraded can be challenging. To help you get ahead of the upgrade race, here are some expert tips on how to level up weapons fast in Cold War Zombies.

Tips to quickly raise weapons in Cold War Zombies

  • Eliminate enemies: The best way to level up your weapons is to defeat enemies. The more zombies you defeat, the more money you will get, which is useful for buying weapons and items with which you can upgrade your weapons. You can use the money to upgrade your arsenal, lean and ammo.
  • Collect the upgrade packs: Booster Packs are another quick way to level up your arsenal. These packages sometimes drop as loot during battle and you should try to find them to your full advantage. The higher the level of the upgrade, the greater the benefits to your weapons.
  • Use a Perk store: The perk shop offers a wide variety of upgrades for all weapons and accessories. And there are many items you can buy to upgrade your weapons, such as skill points, level upgrades, and new accessories. You can use the skill points to upgrade your weapons and change their bonuses.
  • Bonus mission: You can find bonus missions where you will gain more experience for your weapons. These quests usually reward participants with booster packs which are extremely helpful in speeding up the upload rate. Do not miss the opportunity to carry out these missions.

With these simple tips, quickly uploading weapons in Cold War Zombies is now a much simpler task. And we recommend that you keep an eye on the upgrade challenges available in the game. You can also sell some damaged weapons if you need more money to buy upgrade items. Good luck in the battle for survival!

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