Record a call It can be, as long as the law allows, very useful in specific cases. The problem is, Google has limited and put the wheels on Android 9 Pie’s call recording.

If you want to record calls, it is best to use Android Oreo or an earlier version, although these versions are starting to get a bit old today. If your mobile is equipped with Android 10 or higher, it is still possible to record calls in some cases, even if they are of lower quality. We will see several alternatives to record calls on Android 10 it’s worth a try.

Can your mobile record calls?

Native recording in the Google Phone app (under test)

If you have Android 10 and want to record calls, the best thing that can happen to you is that recording is integrated into the phone application. The mode varies from layer to layer, although the most common is for a record button to appear in the phone’s app interface when you have a call in progress.

Please note that some layers of personalization include call recording in some areas and not in others or in the old versions and not in the most modern ones. With so many variables, the easiest way is to make a call and see if the record button is displayed or not.

Android has severely limited the ability of third-party apps to record calls, but these limits do not apply to preinstalled apps, who do not need to follow the rules of Google Play and may have special access. Therefore, the best thing that can happen to you is that your mobile includes this standard feature.

The best thing that can happen to you is if your mobile includes serial call recording in your dialer

On the other hand, call recording requires mobile hardware and software support, because not all mobiles allow an application to use the microphone if it is already in use by another application – as happens during a call. All of these factors influence whether or not call recording is successful.

Also remember that you must at all times follow the legal regulations of your country In terms of recording calls and even if it wasn’t necessary in your specific case, it is still a good idea to let the other person know that you are recording the call.

Option 1: with ACR

There are two big names that ring the bell every time we talk about recording calls on Android: ACR and Cube ACR. The first of these is a very popular application which is quite relevant. After installing it, you should grant all necessary permissions, which are not uncommon, before you can start using it.

Keep in mind that if you are on Android 10, it is very likely that the Google Play version will not help you record calls, as the developer was forced to disable some features that Google no longer allows. If this is your case, you will need the UnChained version, which you can download from APKMirror.

La version UnChained d’ACR includes accessibility service with which the application can read the caller’s phone number, and has a higher probability of success than the capada version available on Google Play.

For the rest, using the application is extremely simple, since you have absolutely nothing to do except answer calls or make calls. Application activates in the background (you can see in the notification that you are recording) and for recording as soon as you end the call.

If everything went well, you can view the recording in the app. Keep in mind that starting with Android 9, most recording apps aspire to the maximum record using the mobile microphone. In other words, you will hear something low for the interlocutor if you are not using hands-free mode. The quality is not great, but unfortunately nothing can be done at the moment. A good tip is to make sure you are in a quiet location before you start recording.

How to Record Calls on Android 10

Call recording – ACR

  • Developer: NLL
  • Download it on: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Productivity

Option 2: with Cube ACR

If for some reason you haven’t been successful with ACR, you can try Cube ACR, another extremely popular call recording app. The process is very similar to the one we have seen before, first granting a good set of permissions: Many of these are required and some are optional if you want additional functions (like knowing where you were when they called you).

As with the ACR, some of these permits require that activate an accessibility service, to which is added the permission to be superimposed on other applications. This is so because Cube ACR displays a record button which allows you to activate recording whenever you want.

The default Cube ACR setting is that will start recording as soon as you pick up the phone or call someone so you don’t have to do anything else. If you prefer to save manually, you can change this setting from the settings. From the floating button that appears during a call, you can also start and stop recording or deactivate recordings for that number.

How to Record Calls on Android 10When you have finished recording and everything went well, you can watch the recording on the main screen of the ACR Cube, including the phone number you called and with the ability to play faster.

An advantage of Cube ACR over ACR is that it has more options which can be useful if you are not having much success recording a call. Since the recording settings, you can choose different audio sources of the recording to try other methods. There is no guarantee that a configuration other than the default configuration will be more successful, but it is a good alternative to sit idly by, if all methods give you errors.

As we mentioned earlier, material plays an important role in compatibility – or not – with call recording, so that if none of the previous methods have worked for you, your mobile phone may not be physically able to perform the function. Good luck.

Call recorder – Cube ACR

Source: Frandroid

How to Record Calls on Android 10