Know how to record computer screen in windows 10 It can be useful for work, high school projects, university, to remember a guided installation that you did and want to remember or anything you can imagine.

For this reason, we are going to recommend several ways to record your computer screen with windows and thus be able to enjoy this functionality. Let’s get to the point!

How to record screen in Windows 10 with integrated program

We will only talk about this first program because it is already integrated with all recent versions of Windows. It is extremely limited we do not recommend it. If you still want to use it, follow the steps:

  • To start, we will hold down the keys Windows+G to open the Game Bar, where you can start recording.
  • Pressing both keys will open a new «Design» and you can start recording any program.
  • For start recording, just press the round white button in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • If you want to select what is recorded, simply click the gear icon at the top of the screen and go to Capture menu. The videos are saved in the folder Videos/Captures on your local drive C.
  • This tool is from Microsoft and is integrated directly into Windows 10. Unfortunately, this type of recording does not allow you to record the Desktop or Explorer files, which brings us to the second part of this tutorial using other programs to burn anything.

    How to record screen in Windows 10 with Screen recorder pro

    As mentioned above, unfortunately Windows 10 does not have a native feature to record any screen, so we will have to look for other programs to do this service.

    However, the program we will be using is found in the Microsoft Store and is called Screen Recorder Pro. Not only is it simple, but it does exactly what we want: record whole screen (including desktop and file explorer).

    After download it from Microsoft Store and install itsimply start the program and we will do a simple configuration. When starting the program for the first time, the Limit box will be checked, limiting the FPS of the video. Just uncheck it and enter the number 30 in the field next door.

    Now just click the red button and the program will start recording your screen. The recorded videos are saved in the folder Documents/Capture on your computer.

    How to record screen in Windows 10 with Open Streaming Software (OBS)

    probably the most used program to record screen and broadcast. It’s more complex than Screen Recorder Pro, but it has more configuration options and is overall a solid program. OBS is trusted by many professional streamers and despite being a streaming oriented program, it works perfectly for screen recordings.

    Download it from the website and install the program. For a simple screen recording, click Sources, Add, Screenshot and voila, you are ready to record.

    We recommend you change the format of the recordings to .mp4, OBS by default records in Matroska (.mkv).

    Did you like this article? Do you want to see more programs to record windows 10? Then keep browsing Trick library.

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