How to recover a Skype password: all methods.

How to recover a Skype password: all methods

How do I recover my Skype password if I have lost it? Is it possible to access your account after losing the digit combination? There is a way out of any situation: do not despair, we can restore your information! Detailed instructions are already waiting for you in the overview, it’s time to put them into practice.

How to recover a Skype password: all methods

I can’t remember the number combination

How to sign in to Skype if you forget your password is a question that worries thousands of users every day. Haven’t you opened the messenger for a while? Have you recently changed your login combination and forgot? No need to worry, we’d better start the recovery procedure now!

  • Open the messenger and click on the login icon;
  • Enter your username, email or mobile phone number;
  • A field will appear to enter a combination of numbers and letters that you don’t remember;
  • Click the button “Forgot your Skype password?”which is located just below;
  • The field for entering a mobile phone number will open;
  • Enter it and press the icon “Following”.

You can recover your Skype password knowing only your username or your email address. To do this, do the following:

How to recover a Skype password: all methods
  • Instead of entering your mobile phone number, click on the line “Use name or email address”;
  • The icon is located below the mobile phone number input field;
  • Enter your username or email, and click the “Next” icon.

To recover your Skype password, you need to arm yourself with the phone number or email address you provided when you signed up. This is important: make sure you have uninterrupted access:

  • After pressing the button “Following” you have to wait for the confirmation code;
  • The code will arrive to your mobile phone or to your mailbox;
  • Enter it in the required field and click the icon “Continue”.;
  • Think of a new combination to enter and repeat it twice;
  • press the icon “Made”.to save the changes you have made.

We have already talked about how to recover the Skype password – all options are valid, tested by us in practice. Let’s also talk about what to do if you’ve lost your username.

How to recover a Skype password: all methods

Need to recover the name

It is possible to recover your Skype username and password; the main condition is to have an accessible email or mobile phone at hand, specified during registration. Shall we start the process of accessing the lost account?

  • find the icon “Forgot your Skype username?”;
  • You’ll see a notification when you enter an additional phone number or email address;

Important: The email address must be provided when you register your Microsoft account;

How to recover a Skype password: all methods
  • Enter the data and wait to receive a confirmation code on your mobile phone or mailbox;
  • The accounts associated with this cell phone or mailbox will be displayed;
  • Some of the Skype names will be hidden for security reasons;
  • Find the option you want and click the charm button to restore.

Reminder! Check carefully that the information you enter is correct, take into account the case and the email domain.

Did you get the message “This Skype account does not exist”? If you have previously closed the account yourself, be prepared for it to be irretrievably deleted. Account is permanently deleted after sixty days of inactivityIt cannot be restored.

Skype password recovery will no longer be a mystery to you – we’ve covered everything you need to know! Your lost information will be recovered internally, your account will be unlocked in no time: you will have access to your correspondence and personal data. Save the summary to your bookmarks to always have it at hand, then our tips will come to the rescue in a difficult situation!

How to recover a Skype password: all methods