How to recruit people in GTA San Andreas.

How to recruit people in GTA San Andreas. When we talk about GTA San Andreas, we talk about one of the best-known classics of the franchise. The game was originally released for PS2 and is also available today. available for PC by the hand of the Rockstar gaming platform.

One of the central points of the game is found in the street gangs, such as the Grove Street Families of which CJ is a part. With enough respect, it is possible to organize your own group.

How to recruit people in GTA San Andreas

In other articles we have talked about Hidden Missions in GTA 5 or we have made a very complete guide on the classic camera of the game. However, this time we are going to focus on showing you how to recruit people in GTA San Andreas.

Remember that you can only recruit those who are already part of the GSF (Grove Street Families). Look, in the following tutorial, the step by step:

How to recruit people in GTA San Andreas

How to recruit people in GTA San Andreas: keys and tricks

  • After completing one of the first missions in the game called «nine and ak«, it will be possible to recruit members of the Grove Street families for your own gang.
  • He membership which CJ can recruit depends on the amount of reputation that you have
  • The resource can be acquired through various actions, such as: complete quests, stay in good physical shape, accumulate money and territoriesamong others.
  • When recruiting a new member, you can see the strength of the gang through the bar in the upper left corner from the screen. If a member dies, the bar will lose strength.
  • If your gang has up to three membersyou can put them in a car with four doorsso they shoot out the window at rival gangs, police and other enemies.
  • If the gang has more members, they can’t follow you except with special vehicles with more seats, like buses. It is possible to give orders to members with the h-key to stay still and G-key to follow CJ.

How to recruit people in GTA on PC step by step

  • Find the members of Grove Street Families in the vicinity of CJ’s house, can be identified by the green clothes.
  • Hold down the right mouse button (pc) and a green triangle will appear under the person’s head.
  • Press G to recruit that person for your gang. If you like disband your whole gangjust hold down the H key

That’s all!. We hope this article has been helpful to you. If you now want to learn more about the Minigun in GTA, continue browsing Trick library.