How to reduce the screen of my PC computer? Possibly at some point when we are working with our computer or PC, it is difficult for us to visualize some areas of the full screen, for such reasons it is necessary to reduce it. To do this, it will be done in a simple way and by adjusting the size to the exact requirement of the user.

How to reduce the screen of my PC computer?

PC screen reduction

He process It is really necessary to emphasize that it will basically depend on the computer type in which we are working, given that each one has its own settings or keys that perform the operation. In this case we will see some examples of keys and according to the type of equipment we have.

Shortcut by hotkey

As we already mentioned, this will be conditioned with respect to the type of equipment we have, to illustrate the readers a bit, we will show the way to do it by means of the keys specific teams.

Shortcuts by means of equipment keys

In the case of sizing all the elements in operating systems like Windows and Linux, we will press the Ctrl v keys and in the case of Mac computers: We press ⌘ and plus the plus symbol (+).

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Reduction of all the accessories, in this case for the Windows and Linux systemswe do the following: we press Ctrl and sign -, for Mac: we press ⌘ and symbol (-).

In the case of the full screen activationin both operating systems it will only be necessary to press the F11 key option, thus achieving the objective immediately and safely.

Screen reduction on old computers

Maybe if you have a previous features computerthe process has to be done through another way, in the case that you have Windows 7 what remains is to enter the “control panel”, then we go to the “screen” area, once inside we must go to “resolution screen”, we will see an area with a bar with some specific sizesas we select them the objects or screen will change in size.

Other settings through the monitors menu

As another option we can mention one modality present on some monitors, usually some of the older ones. In this case, what we will do is press the front buttons of it and a series of options will be displayed such as screen settings, brightness, contrast, among others. In this case we must select the screen settings and we will make the configurations or changes that are more appropriate to us.

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as we see the reduction procedure from the computer screen can be really easy, as long as we apply the methods previously specified in this work. In the same way, they can be done through shortcuts using the keys of the computer’s own hardware, we only have to keep in mind the type of model we have and apply these instructions. The rest will apply the required settings.

How to reduce the screen of my PC computer?

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