How to register in Mobrog? The survey platforms They have become as popular as the rest of the micro jobs that you can do online. In fact, just by doing a simple search in the app store on your mobile device, you can find many apps that offer you money for taking their surveys.

In the following article you will learn about the registration process in the Mobrog application and website, another alternative to generate money through through the resolution of surveys.

Steps to register in Mobrog

This platform has been characterized for being one of the simplest when it comes to conducting surveys and whose registration process is quite simplified. This does not differ much from other web pages.

To join this platform you only have to follow the procedure described below:

  • Enter the address of email or to the application for smart devices.
  • head over to the Register tab.
  • A spreadsheet will automatically be displayed so that enter a series of data;
  • Email
  • repeat email
  • Birthdate
  • S*x
  • Password
  • Repeat password
  • Postal Code
  • Occupation
  • Nickname
  • Verification code
  • Additionally, you must accept the terms and conditions and have read the privacy policy. platform privacy.
  • Lastly, press the Register button.
  • once registered

    • Once you have registered You will receive a verification email in your email. You must enter this link so that your email is finally verified by the platform.
    • Once this is doneaccess and register the user data sent and proceed to complete your profile.
    • At the end, the platform may send you surveys that match the user interests.
    • Additionally, the platform urges users to add the email address of this website to their address book so that they can receive emails and update them with the most recent polls.

    Log in

    To login only to the following:

  • Enter the platform website or app.
  • press the Login tab.
  • Enter the email and password you used to join the platform.
  • press the Access button.
  • The first steps

    • Once you enter this platform you will find the main panel of your profile. Towards the center is the first survey that you must take so that the platform can learn information about you and decide which survey best suits your profile.
    • The first survey includes questions such as the type of residence where you livethe number of people who live with you, the presence of minors in your residence, if you have children, pets, monthly income, gross monthly salary, characteristics of your workplace, among other questions.
    • Once this first diagnostic survey was completed you will return to your profile.
    • The next steps to take will consist of entering more information to your profile since this will allow you to have access to more surveys.
    • Once done, go back to Surveys and press Find a new survey and start doing them.