How to restore a photo on Viber: a breakdown of the options!.

How to restore a photo on Viber: a breakdown of the options!

Users of the application often wonder how to restore photos on Viber, and whether it can be done if messages are deleted. Here’s a step-by-step guide to recovering valuable information by backing it up, searching special folders, or using special software.

How to restore a photo on Viber: a breakdown of the options!

Is it possible to restore a photo on Vibere

Let’s immediately note that restoring a photo in Viber is real, and there are several convenient ways to do this. This dilemma is relevant, because in the process of communication you often have to do several things at once, for example, create and send messages, transfer images and files, use the GIF editor and other tools. During this activity there is a risk of erasing important data.

To recover a photo from Vibera, several important points must be taken into account: the characteristics of your device, the type of operating system you have, and the circumstances of the deletion. Backups are a powerful tool, for example, but not all information can be recovered.

How to restore a photo on Viber: a breakdown of the options!

There are only a few ways to recover a photo on Viber:

  • copying from special folders on your PC and on your phone;
  • Using recovery software;
  • from a backup, even using the cloud.

Note that you can restore a Viber photo from the cloud if the images were opened with Google Photos.

How to restore a photo on Viber: a breakdown of the options!

What are some ways to do it?

We have already mentioned that the return of important information is available in various ways. Each of them has special features and therefore requires separate consideration.

Copy from an application file folder

The most obvious way to recover deleted photos from Vibera is to apply the capabilities of the specific folders that store the content of the app on your phone or PC. Here the search approaches differ depending on the device used.

How to restore a photo on Viber: a breakdown of the options!


Viber software saves graphic photos in a specific folder. For Android phones, please do the following steps:

  • open explorer My files;
  • gonna viberand then Media;
  • enter section Viber Images.

In this directory, find the desired file, copy it and move it to the folder of interest to you. To make it easier to find the desired photo, it is better to switch to thumbnail mode, and then switch to sorting by time.

On some mobile phones, you can recover deleted Vibera files from a different folder. Perform the following steps:

How to restore a photo on Viber: a breakdown of the options!
  • open the SD card;
  • press the button with the name of the messenger;
  • select the User Photos folder.

Once these steps are completed, the images received and transmitted during the communication appear before the user.


You can use a similar principle to recover a photo in Viber on your computer. To find the information you need, follow these steps:

  • enter the section users and Username;
  • go to folder documents;
  • find the folder in it viber downloads.

Once you have accessed the specified section, you will be able to recover the deleted photos on Viber if they are still there. Then you have to copy the information to another partition on your PC.

How to restore a photo on Viber: a breakdown of the options!

from backup

Another way to recover deleted photos on Vibere is to use the backup option. This feature can be useful in various situations, such as accidentally deleting a file, formatting the memory card or drive, or reinstalling the operating system. Also, a backup is useful after resetting the mobile phone to factory settings or losing data due to media or antivirus software issues. Each operating system comes with its own set of programs.

The drawback is that not all data can be recovered through a backup. The following types of files are not backed up:

  • sent videos and photos;
  • history of correspondence;
  • files received via Viber;
  • groups like it;
  • group and chat room settings;
  • multimedia messages;
  • the history of chat conversations, etc.

However, backups are a very useful tool that mobile phone owners should know about. The approaches to saving the information depend on the operating system.


There are several ways to restore Viber photos to Android mobile phones using backup: via cloud, using software, or using system backup. The most convenient way is to use Google Cloud, where you can sync photos and other files, but the downside is volume limitation.

How to restore a photo on Viber: a breakdown of the options!

To create a backup, you need to have an account in the Gmail service. Creating a backup requires a few steps:

  • Sign in to your Google account or, if you don’t have one, sign in.
  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Select the backup tab.
  • Make a backup.

Keep in mind that copies of the photos are generated and saved to your Google account, so you need to set up your account before you begin.

If you’re not signed in to Google Drive, click the Google Drive link in the message, then select the account you want to save data with. After these steps, you can uninstall the program and change the SIM card. You can restore your photos and correspondence later, since they are in the Google cloud.

How to restore a photo on Viber: a breakdown of the options!

To restore, sign in to your Google Drive account, turn on Viber, then select Restore from Backup. On some smartphones, the path to the required folder may be different (depending on the version of the operating system).

Remember that it may take some time to restore the information, so you should check that your mobile phone has enough battery to perform these manipulations. In addition, the consumption of Internet traffic also increases, so it is recommended to carry out all work over the Wi-Fi network.


iOS phone users can also restore a photo on Vyber using a backup. In normal mode, information is automatically saved to iCloud. Initially 5 GB is allocated, but subsequent increases incur additional costs. You can use iTunes to back up your information on MAC, Windows, and iCloud. Only an apple ID and password are required.

To create a backup, do the following:

  • Sign in to Viber.
  • Open the screen Further.
  • Gonna settingsand there – Account.
  • Select the backup.
  • Click on Create now.
  • Wait for the copy process to complete.
  • To restore the photos and other data on Viber, please do the following

  • Sign in to your iCloud account.
  • Activate your Wyber.
  • Tap Reactivate Now.
  • Wait for the restore process to complete.
  • As with Android mobile phones, recovery may take some time and increase internet consumption. In this case, it is better to use a WiFi network.

    Using special software

    When considering whether you can recover deleted photos on Vibere, you cannot forget about the capabilities of special programs. There are situations when an image is deleted not only from the application chat, but also from the save files directory. In such circumstances, it will not be possible to recover the lost photos in the application by the above-discussed methods. Only special software can help.

    The easiest method is to use software running on your computer. Some examples are Recuva or PhotoRec. These applications are accessed via a cable or card reader, and the recovery process follows the principle of a normal USB stick. Interestingly, iPhones don’t support SD cards, and there are a number of restrictions for their use on the latest versions of Android. Also, this method is not suitable for all models, since new devices are not visible as USB devices when connected to a computer. They are detected by the MTP protocol, in which case recovery can be difficult. Here is an example of an application

    How to restore a photo on Viber: a breakdown of the options!

    Titanium BackupPro

    It is a powerful application that allows you to restore all your data and settings. For full functionality you will need root rights. With this software it is possible to recover the content of interest if it has been deleted from your mobile phone. But first you have to make a backup in the archive. You can then delete the messenger and move it to another device, and then unzip the archived data.

    The general algorithm is the following:

    • enter the application menu;
    • select the software backup;
    • press the start button;
    • To restore the data, select the Restore Software tab and confirm the action.

    To be safe, you should make a backup from time to time.


    Knowing how to restore photos on Vibere means you don’t have to worry about your favorite content. If necessary, you can recover your important images at any time using one of the methods discussed above.

    How to restore a photo on Viber: a breakdown of the options!