How to return a game at Epic Games? Here we will be able to know in detail what is the ideal way to return a game in the event that it was purchased by mistake at Epic Games or that it has some type of defect and must be returned, but you will also have all the information how to request a refund for the game that was returned.

It is important to indicate that within the relevant conditions that must be taken into consideration, it is considered that to return the game the term is 14 business days and a minimum of 2 hours must have been played for the return to be effective.

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How do I return a game through the Epic Games Store?

To start the whole process, the first thing to do is enter the platform of Epic Games Store and for this the first step is to proceed to log in to our user account and followed by clicking on the name of the profile that is on the right side of the screen and in this way access the drop-down menu, the next step is to click on the account tab within the settings.

When you are in the account options, click on the left column and in this step press on the transaction option and in this way you will be able to see the list of all the payment history, highlight and you must press on the game that you want to return and that’s it the process will be finished.

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What are the requirements that must be met to return in play?

If a decision has already been made return a game from Epcic Gameseither because it has some type of failure or because we simply made a mistake when making the purchase, an essential point to consider is the requirements that must be met in order to carry out said action without any type of inconvenience, these requirements are :

  • The first place is necessary that the game has been purchased on the official platform of Epic Games Store to be able to access the refund of money
  • It is necessary that they have not passed more than 14 business days from the time the purchase was made
  • It must have been played at least 2 hours
  • there must not be disabled the game
  • And finally, you cannot violate any of the game terms of service.
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How to request the refund of money?

In order to request a refund of money for the game that was returned, what must be done is once you click on the payment history, as indicated before, all the information that is required will be expanded, but also see several options in this step you must click on Request refund.

In the next window, what must be done is indicate the reason for which the game is being returned and followed by that, to finish, click on the section Confirm refund and that’s it.