How to see Facebook watch?.

How to see Facebook watch? He digital content streaming It is a format that is in high demand today. In fact, services like Netflix, Amazon Prime video, and Disney+ are becoming increasingly important, with hundreds of thousands of new members joining each year.

Possibly, attributed to the arrival of the pandemic produced by the coronavirus, since the protection of people to avoid contagion, favored the diversification of methods of entertainment.

How to see Facebook watch?

In this regard, Facebook, one of the most important social networking platforms in the world, with more than 2.5 billion active users at the moment, has ventured into its section Facebook watch.

Although this system is not properly a streaming platform comparable to the one offered by Netflix, since it is still in its infancy, in the future Facebook plans to produce its own original content.

How to see Facebook watch?

But what is Facebook watch?

All video content uploaded to the platform is centralized in Facebook watch. In this way, users have a single section, where they can search and have all the videos, from any page, person or group; This is Facebook watch.

How to see Facebook Watch?

The section facebook watch It is accessible in a very simple way. Once you enter your Facebook account using your username and password, you will find yourself on a timeline, with the latest updates from your friends, groups and pages. Also, above the section corresponding to the stories, you will find a series of icons.

How to see Facebook watch?

Facebook watch will be the one that has the shape of a video playback logo and where when you hover over it, the word “Watch”.

In the mobile application, it is also easy to access Facebook watch. Once you enter the app, at the top of the screen you will find the icons of your account. Facebook watch is one that is shaped like playback logos.

How to see Facebook watch?

It usually has a notice highlighted in red, which informs you of the number of new videos.

What can you find on Facebook Watch?

  • Once you enter Facebook watch, you will be able to find in the first instance, a playing video, which is usually a recommendation from Facebook according to the information that the platform has record of your activity.
  • In general, the pages you visit, the groups you follow, the comments you leave on the platform, among other aspects.
  • This video is part of a endless feed. Below it will be more videos that will play once the one currently playing ends. You can also scroll through this entire feed, until you locate a video you like.
  • On the left side of the screen you will find the search bar for you to place the name of a video that you want to locate on Facebook watch. Below this, there will be a few sections; home, live, shows and saved videos will be available.
  • Below, will be your lists and last saved videos. When you want to see the video in full screen, it will update and show, in addition to the video playback in a larger proportion, its characteristics towards the right side of the screen and the next videos to be played at the end of the one you are watching. .