You may want to know how to see ipad battery status to evaluate its useful life and estimate daily performance. However, iPadOS does not offer a native option for querying, forcing the user to use a application developed by a third party.

Why doesn’t iPad show battery status?

A chemically aged battery may not provide the same performance to iPad as a new component. This means that in addition to downloading faster than it used to, your tablet will also experience slow-opening apps, reduced frame rates, screen dimming, and other ills.

However, Apple does not encourage the user to investigate the iPad’s battery status for a reason: it has a much higher level of durability and lifespan than devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch. Therefore, a tablet takes much longer to feel the action of time due to its battery capacity than a smartphone or smart accessories.

That is, like the iPad needs less load, suffers less energy shock and wear, it does not make sense for the user to worry about the state of the device’s battery. Another important point to consider is that even with more than 30% wear, for example, the tablet’s battery is still capable of delivering enough power to the processor, unlike the iPhone.

How to check the battery status?

Anyway, if you are still curious about the battery status of your iPad, you should use the app. Coconut Battery 3 (Mac).

Connect your iPad to Mac via the compatible USB cable and follow the instructions below:

  • open the app cocoBattery 3 on Mac.
  • The first tab shows the information of your Mac. Click on «iOS device» to check the iPad.
  • You can check the battery status where it says «Design capacity».
  • Note that the app also displays other information, such as the current charge (“Full Load Capacity”) and the device manufacturing date (“Manufacturing date”).

    When to change the iPad battery?

    After checking the degraded status of your iPad battery, you may come to the conclusion that it is time to replace this component. Some negative effects of aging can be felt during use, such as slowdowns, delays in opening applications and dimming of the screen.

    To schedule a battery repair and replacement, you can contact a authorized service center or Apple Support.

    Now you know how to see the battery status on your iPad. We hope this short guide will help you. If you liked it and want to know how to put the zip code in your Apple ID, keep browsing Trick library. Until next time!.

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