How to see recent subscribers on YouTube. Anyone who manages a YouTube channel knows the importance of being able to view their subscribers. This metric is important to know how many and which profiles interact with your channel to receive notifications and easily access new videos.

How to see recent subscribers on YouTube

To find out who are the recent subscribers of your own channel, you must access YouTube Studio, a platform dedicated to creators on the social network. In addition to the subscriber count, you can view and list latest followers. In this count, YouTube only hides profiles that have chosen not to publicly display channel subscriptions.

On the other hand, that list is only accessible in YouTube Studio for desktop. Through the mobile application, it is only possible to find a graph with the variation of registrations. From trick library we show you step by step how to see your recent subscribers on Youtube.

How to see recent subscribers on YouTube step by step

  • In your browser, go to and sign in with your account.
  • Then, on the main screen, look for the subscribers tab and click on «See everything«.
  • Finally, Check the subscriber list. You can sort by most popular accounts or most recent subscriptions, as well as choose specific time slots.
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    Here is a video tutorial where the process described above is explained:

    How to see the variation of subscribers on YouTube

    YouTube Studio also allows you to perform a track how many accounts have subscribed to or unsubscribed from your channel, even without showing their names. in the tab “Analytics”in the browser or in the mobile application, it is possible access a graph with the variation of the number of subscribers. By default, the platform shows data from the last 28 days, but it is possible to extend this sampling.

    This has been everything! Now you can see your most recent subscribers, as well as the variation of subscriptions that your channel suffers. If you liked this article and would like to learn how to make short videos on YouTube, don’t hesitate! Keep learning with Trick library. Until next time!.

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