Thanks to the new versions of the Xbox Game BarCurrently, you have new functions that you can take advantage of. Most of them come pre-installed on computers running Microsoft’s operating system. However, one of the functions that usually goes unnoticed is that of measuring the FPS of the games that you are running at a certain moment.

It is normal for this to happen, since it is not a function that many know how to use and take advantage of. But if you are here, it is because you are interested in knowing the values ​​of these parameters. In general, you can access this function using the Windows keys + G. But you may have to do a series of settings in the Xbox Game Bar to get those values.

How to see the FPS of my games with Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10

What to do to know the FPS of the games?

In order to enable this important function for some, you have to go to the Windows menu and go to the configuration settings. After there, you have to enter the “Games” option that will appear on the screen. There you will be displayed a series of eligible options.

You only have to focus on activating the option of “Xbox game bar”. It is worth mentioning that from this same configuration path that you did, you will be able to customize the shortcuts that you think are necessary for your keyboard.

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If for some reason you can’t see the floating panel, then you will have to go to the menu bar on your computer and click right at the top of the screen. There you have to select one of the many Widgets that will appear to you. To be more specific, you have to look for the Performance Widget.

It is possible that when activating the function to see the FPS of the games that you are playing, you only see numerical values ​​and that’s it. You have to know that currently it is now possible to complement this function by adding a small graphic. You will be able to see this right after placing the cursor over the widget that you previously activated.

Of course, the FPS meter will not always remain active. To make it always be and you can always see it on the screen, you have to go to the PIN icon and right-click there. Right on top of the Floating Widget that you previously activated.

Once you hide the menu belonging to the Xbox Game Barthis box with the information you need in a small box that will always remain active while the game is running.

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Of course, you have the great advantage that now you can customize or adjust a little this box that you have enabled. For example, you can move it to place it in a certain area of ​​the screen, change it and/or adjust the opacity of the widget, you can even place the color that you prefer best. Which is incredible since you can adjust it according to the color of each game.