I am a staunch defender of Telegram, an application that surpasses WhatsApp in many aspects and that is always ahead in innovation and introducing new features. Well, always, not always. Because for the first time WhatsApp has done its homework and quickly updated its application to adapt it to iOS 10, just one day after its official launch.

Configure Siri for Whatsapp

The latest version of WhatsApp Messenger (which is what it is really called, although we all write WhatsApp) includes several important new features that iPhone users will like a lot: integration with Siri, forwarding of messages to multiple users, integration of calls in iOS and much more. In this article we are going to see how to send a Whatsapp with iOS 10 using Siri.

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To achieve this, the first thing you have to do is allow access to WhatsApp from the lock screen. To do this you must enter Settings > Siri > App Compatibility and activate the Whatsapp option.

Send Whatsapp messages with Siri

Once done, you can use Siri to send WhatsApp messages. To do this you must press and hold the Home button until Siri comes out and say something similar to «Send a WhatsApp message to Manolito saying that I’m late». Now Siri will show you a preview of the message and the recipient. It will also read the message aloud so that it does not send something stupid without you noticing. Siri will be activated again, you say “Send” and that’s it. The message is already sent.

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What Manolito?

If there are several contacts that resemble the name you have said, it will appear a list with them so you can choose the right one. In this case it will be enough to click on the appropriate contact and it will send it to that one.

I can’t find Manolito

If, no matter how hard you try, you are not able to make WhatsApp understand you, you have two options: give up to send messages to that person with Siri or you change the name in Contacts so you have one that is easier for Siri to pronounce and identify. Even after changing it, you must wait a while until WhatsApp “memorizes” the name change.

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But let’s see, didn’t you say that it could be done without touching the iPhone?

Indeed, the best of all this is that you can use it in the car, using its hands-free. Activate Siri and put everything in motion without having to take the iPhone out of your pocket. If you are one of the lucky ones who have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, you can do everything using the “Hey Siri” function (activated in Settings > Siri > Allow “Hey Siri”), which works without touching the phone. If you have an older iPhone, you can do it if you have it plugged in (which is common in the car, because I always take advantage of the journey to recharge the iPhone).

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And that’s it. A simple but very powerful function. And especially useful for the car. This will avoid the temptation of many to write Whatsapp while driving, with the risk of hitting it while you do it.