Know how to send audio to whatsapp with google assistant it can make your life easier. In many moments we find ourselves with our hands full with shopping, children, driving and we cannot pick up our mobile to communicate, or we simply do not feel like entering WhatsApp and starting to write.

For all these cases, from we are going to teach you how open Google Assistant with a voice command and send messages. You are ready?

How to send audio to WhatsApp with Google Assistant step by step

If you want to send audios by Whatsapp, you must follow the following steps:

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  • Open the Google Assistant with the traditional “Ok Google” and say “send an audio message on WhatsApp to (target contact name)”. You can advance the topic by saying “send an audio message on WhatsApp to (target contact name) and saying (message content). Remember to verify that the selected contact is correct.
  • If you have dictated the content of the conversation, check that the written message is exactly what you want to be transmitted. If you haven’t spoken the message yet (as in the example above), now is the time to record it. Once this is done, say “Confirm” either “Change” if the message is not right.
  • Ready! Google Assistant The delivery confirmation screen will be displayed. You can verify that it has been sent by entering the application directly WhatsApp, although it is not necessary.
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    Finally, it is important to note that if you do not specify the word “WhatsApp” in the command, it is likely that the google assistant direct you to a normal phone call.

    You can also make things easier for the wizard by you add a nickname to contacts What do you call most often? In this way, the Google Assistant will not get confused if you have several contacts with the same name in your address book.

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