Playlists, which have gradually replaced the way we listen to music, have several advantages. Among them, we can create as many as we want and manage them comfortably from our iPhone, iPad or Mac. In addition, to distinguish them easily and aesthetically, we can set photo or picture as cover from the list.

With this option we can decorate our favorites lists with photos or images, in which we can even add texts or effects if we wish. It is important to note that we can only customize the cover of the playlists we created. If the listing is from Apple Music, shared by another user, or created by their editorial team, we should keep the cover that came with the listing.

How to set the cover of a playlist

We can change the cover of any listing, both on our iPhone or iPad and on our Mac. Plus, thanks to Apple Music, the change will sync with all our devices. The steps to follow are as follows.

On our iPhone or iPad

  1. We open the app The music on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We enter the tab library.
  3. At the top we tap on Lists, in the case of the iPad, we touch library and after Lists.
  4. We open the playlist whose coverage we want to change.
  5. We touch Edit top right.
  6. We touch the camera icon in the center of the existing cover.
  7. We choose between To take a picture or Select a photo. In this case, we will use the second.
  8. We are looking for the image we want to use as the cover.
  9. We enlarge and center the image as we want it to appear.
  10. We are pressing Porter.
  11. We are pressing Okay.

On our Mac

  1. We open the app The music on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. In the left sidebar, we click on the list whose coverage we want to change.
  3. We touch the existing coverage and choose Other to load an image from our computer or drag it to the existing cover from, for example, the desktop.
  4. We frame the picture.
  5. We are pressing I accept.

And as easy as that. Whether it’s on our Mac or on our iPhone or iPad, we can place and change the cover of any of our playlists. In addition, if we want, we can use the app Pictures to mark or apply filters to the image before selecting it for even more creative possibilities.

Source: Appleinsider