You want to learn how to set up outlook with g suite? Don’t worry! From trick library We are going to explain the process that you must carry out to do it correctly.

How to Set Up Outlook with G Suite

How to configure Outlook with G Suite step by step

1. Set up IMAP in gmail

  • Open Gmail on your computer.
  • In the upper right corner, click the scroll wheel Setting.
  • Click on “view all settings”.
  • Click on the tab «Forwarding and POP/IMAP mail.”
  • In the section “IMAP access“, Choose “Enable IMAP.”
  • Click Save Changes below.
  • 2. Change SMTP and other settings in Outlook mail

    Use the following table to update the Outlook platform mail with the correct information.

    Incoming mail server (IMAP)

    • Requires SSL: Yes
    • Port: 993

    Outgoing email server (SMTP)

    • Requires SSL: Yes
    • Requires TLS: Yes (if available)
    • Authentication Required: Yes
    • Port for SSL: 465
    • Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587
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    Full Name or Display Name: Your name.

    Account name, username or email address: Your full email address.

    Password: Your Gmail password

    What to do if I can’t set up Gmail in Outlook?

    But you can login to outlook mailyou might see one of these errors:

    • Username and password not accepted
    • «invalid credentials«
    • You are asked to enter your username and password repeatedly.

    You can perform the following steps that we show you below:

    1: Verify your password

    If you see these issues or can’t log in, first make sure you are using the correct password.

    2. Disable the “Access to less secure applications” option

    To keep your account secure, we recommend that you keep this option disabled and use more secure apps.

    How to Set Up Outlook with G Suite

  • Go to the section “Access to less secure applications” from your Google account. you may need log in.
  • Deactivate «Allow less secure apps.”
  • 3. Try these other solutions

    • Update your email client to the latest version.
    • Use an app password.
    • If you’ve recently changed your Gmail password, you may need to enter your account information again or repeat all of your Gmail account setup in the other email client.
    • Make sure your email app is not set to check for new email too frequently. If the email app checks for new messages more than once every ten minutes, it may have blocked access to your account.
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