How to show FPS in RUST. It’s very hard to find more fun survival games than Rust. The game is eight years old, but it’s famous for its pace and current-gen beauty, especially the COVID-19 videos.

How to show FPS in RUST

A multiplayer game demands that the players want to take any advantage while playing the game. No one wants to lose sound due to a pause or stutter at the wrong time, as it could end in preventable death. After all, this is a survival game, so it’s important to pay attention to the environment. For this reason, the ideal is that survival depends exclusively on the way you play and not on the technical problems that your computer may cause you: today we will tell you how to display the FPS.

How to show FPS in RUST

Shows FPS (“frames per second”) in Rust console commands.

One of the simplest ways to observe in-game FPS is through console commands. Once players have downloaded Rust to their console or tablet, they must press the F1 key. All it takes is for them to simply type, “perf 1”, and hit enter. To reverse this action and stop seeing the indicator, you can type “perf 0” to make it disappear.

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These console commands can vary their functions depending on the code that is used. The codes are:

  • perf 0 – Disables all flags
  • perf 1 – Shows the FPS
  • perf 2 – Shows latency
  • perf 3 – Shows RAM usage
  • perf 4 – sample garbage collection
  • perf 5 – Shows the ping
  • perf 6 – Show background tasks

How to show FPS on Steam

There is built-in functionality to view player FPS in any game. Players can go to the “Game” tab in the menu to set up Steam accounts. Players have to click the checkbox to enable the Steam overlay. From here, players have to click on the FPS counter. If you open the overlay while playing the game, the FPS of the game will be displayed.

Show FPS with External Software

There are several different types of programs that can display FPS rates in games, but one of the easiest to access is built into Windows 10. The display FPS feature is now a part of the Windows 10 Game Bar, making it easy to keep track of the team’s main output during a game.

If you don’t have Windows, you can also use FRAPS, MSI Afterburner and DXTory for this function. There are many options, some free and some paid.

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How to increase frame rate

If your in-game FPS drops, try change the game settings through the options menu. Players can go to the options menu to click on the graphics. Although the game will look a bit weird, it will help to avoid bugs that spoil your game.

How to show FPS in RUST

  • Depth of Field – Ambient Occlusion – Antialiasing (ON)
  • To minimize lens reflections, turn off the “High Quality Bloom” filter, turn off the “Lens Dirt” control, and then turn off the “Sun shafts” control.
  • Sharpen (OFF) – Vignet (OFF) – Color Gradation (OFF)
  • Graphics quality (0) – Water quality (0) – Max shadow lights (0)
  • Shader level (100) – Draw distance (1500) – Shadow cascades (No cascades)
  • Shadow distance (100), Anisotropic filtering (1), “Parallax mapping” (0)
  • Max Gibs (0), Particle Quality (0), Item Quality (0)
  • Tree Quality (0) – Land Quality (0) – Grass Quality (0) – Decoration Quality (0)

This is how you can get your RUST games not to be spoiled by FPS.