Have just installed League of Legends (LoL), played a few games and still have no idea what is happening and what you should be doing?

How to start playing League of Legends?

Or maybe you have tried to watch the LoL tutorial as well, but still have more questions than answers?

Truth be told, League of Legends is a compound game with multiple items, synergies, and strategies to adopt. As a result, one tutorial may not be sufficient to grasp the essence of the game.

To make it easier to get off your feet, let’s go through the most important tips for starting playing League of Legends.

1# Learn the basics of MOBA games

League of Legends is an MOBA game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). It is one of the genres of games that is focused solely on PvP (Player versus Player). Nonetheless, it can take various forms, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that killing enemies is the goal here. It is an integral part of League of Legends, but not the most important one.

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In general MOBA games, including LoL, follow a straightforward process. Even though it is a fantasy game, which may make you think that there is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) progression system, each match in League of Legends is a separate entity.

As a result, every time you start a League of Legends match, your Champion starts at level one, even if your account’s level is much higher. Nonetheless, when you gain in-game experience and gold, you increase the strength of your Champions by leveling up their skills and purchasing appropriate items.

The ultimate goal of each match is to destroy the opponent Nexus, which is located on the other side of the map.

How to start playing League of Legends?

2# Chasing kills is not the best strategy

Although intuition might tell you that the best strategy would be to kill the opponent over and over again, until you are able to safely get through to their Nexus and smash it, there is a more planned strategy needed than this.

Instead of chasing kills, you should rather try farming minions and taking towers.

Minions are little robed figures fighting each other. They spring from every Nexus, they reside in the jungle, which is the area between lanes, and by killing them (farming) you can earn gold and XP.

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Farming opponents’ minions is one the core actions in League of Legends. It can be done by waiting until your own minions’ health is lower and then farming the enemy minions to earn gold. Such a strategy is called “last-hitting” and should be the first thing to learn when you are a LoL beginner.

Therefore, remember that farming is the most effective method of getting gold and XP you can use to make your Champions stronger.

3# Choose the simplest Champion and the lane

In League of Legends, each Champion is designed in a way to be one of a kind. What they share is the fact that they have three basic skills, and one ultimate available to them, as well as their standard attacks.

How to start playing League of Legends?

When you just start playing League of Legends, you don’t have a wide selection of Champions to choose from. To get them, you need to pay with the limited Blue Essence, which you can earn from playing games.

Truth be told, there are multiple Champions in the game and each of them is interesting. Nevertheless, some of them are quite complex and definitely not beginner-friendly. Therefore, when you make your first choice, make sure to opt for the simplest Champion you can find.

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Remember, though, that the simplest doesn’t mean the weakest. It is rather about their playstyle, which is straightforward. What is more, they shouldn’t require from you any complex mechanics to employ that are not available at an entry level.

When you choose your Champion, also keep in mind that each of them has their own class, but most of them even have more than one! Therefore, the best way to categorize Champions is to do it by roles. Roles refer to the lanes the Champion is played in, for example:

  • top lane for self-sufficient Champions,
  • jungle for more experienced players,
  • mid-lane for Champions played in the middle lane,
  • attack damage carry, known as ADC, for players in the bottom lane, usually these Champions are marksmen,
  • support for those playing alongside the ADC, in the bottom lane.

4# Learn the League of Legends items and stats

Last but not least, let’s go through some of the basic LoL stats, that you should keep track of, such as:

  • Attack Damage (AD),
  • Ability Power.

Attack Damage

Attack Damage is the most important stat when you pick a Champion focused on doing damage to your enemies and execute this with auto-attacks instead of abilities. AD deals physical damage and it happens continuously as auto-attacks don’t have cooldowns or mana cost.

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On the other hand, if you pick a Champion taking damage, Armor is the method of defending against AD.

Ability Power

The counterpart to AD is Ability Power. It is used by Champions relying on their abilities other than auto-attacks, meaning mages. To protect yourself against them, you need to purchase items that reward Magic Resistance, as armor does not affect the magical damage that Ability Power deals.

How to start playing League of Legends?

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All in all, League of Legends is a complex, but exciting MOBA game. It takes a little time and effort to learn everything about the game mechanics, tricks and items. Nevertheless, once you follow the above tips and are patient with the learning process, you will quickly get experience and start to win.