How to subscribe to nintendo switch.

How to subscribe to Nintendo Switch. All Nintendo Switch users love to play online and have game data saved in the cloud. However, this service has a cost, since it is a subscription service. Have three different modalities to bill: monthly, quarterly or annually. We have already taught you in previous articles how to charge your Nintendo Switch without a charger or how to configure your Nintendo Switch controller, and now we are going to reveal the tricks to choose the rate that best suits your needs and the way to subscribe to get the most out of your Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch Online: Price and Subscription

Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription service, which carries a cost. By paying a subscription fee you have the right to dispose of the multiplayer modeyou can play with other people from anywhere in the world, save game data in the cloud to avoid loss, use voice chat… You have many advantages and benefits with this subscription.

How to subscribe to nintendo switch

What is the price of Nintendo Switch Online

There are tthree subscription modes, one of them with two variants:

  • Monthly: €3.99
  • Quarterly: €7.99
  • single annual: €19.99
  • family annual (up to eight users): €34.99

As we can see, the prices are different. Each rate offers us different benefits and sand adapt to the needs of each buyer.

How to subscribe to nintendo switch

The monthly is a good rate to try the online modality. If once the month has passed it is profitable for us to pay the subscription, we should consider taking a cheapest rate taking into account the use that we are going to give it in the following months.

The most profitable rate is the annual family rate. It can be shared by up to eight users, so the cost per month per player would be €0.36. If you are a great Nintendo Switch Online player and you have a circle that also loves the virtual modality, without a doubt this is the rate to choose.

How to subscribe to nintendo switch

How to sign up for Switch Online

Subscription to Nintendo Switch Online is very simple to do. Only you must follow the steps which we explain below.

You can do it via console having at your disposal a credit card.

How to subscribe to nintendo switch
  • Access the eShop on switch
  • On the left side, select «Nintendo Switch Online«
  • Go to «subscription options» on the red banner of the service
  • Choose the subscription mode and press «Continue shopping»
  • Confirm your payment informationin this case your credit card, and continue with the purchase process
  • You can also subscribe through the site Nintendo Store website from your computer’s browser.

    When you make a purchase through the website, the Nintendo page sends you a code to redeem to the email of the account. Once the code is obtained, all we have to do is enter it in the eShop of the console to activate the service.

    Regardless of which of the two options you choose to purchase the subscription, the important thing is that once you have it you will not stop playing and benefiting from the exclusive advantages of the subscription. We hope our article on How to subscribe to Nintendo Switch, and that you enjoy your console and its versatility in online mode. If, on the other hand, you have questions about how to cancel your subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, you will find all the answers on the SamaGame website.

    How to subscribe to nintendo switch