We will explain how to translate phrases or words from Windows 10 without installing anything, using the translation engine from the search bar. This bar can be displayed independently or directly when you type in the Start menu, so you can make really fast translations with the press of a button on the keyboard.

The way in which this is done is through the Bing translator created by Microsoft. The search window implemented in the start menu can do online searches in Bing, so when you ask it to translate a text or a word, it goes directly and does it in the search engine without having to enter the browser. You can even set the languages ​​of the translations, although by default it will detect the language automatically and translate it into Spanish.

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Search bar or Start menu

Before starting, I want to clarify one thing about the operation of internal searches in Windows 10. The operating system has a search bar next to the start menu. Initially both elements were united, but Microsoft decided to separate them a couple of years ago. The searches to translate words or phrases will be done from the search bar.

Nevertheless, you can invoke Windows 10 searches from the start menu, and this is done in a very intuitive way. All you need to do is open the start menu and start typing. Therefore, you can also do the translations from the start menu itself, since when you start typing the command, what you will really be doing is typing it in searches.

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This makes the search bar expendable. If you right-click on the taskbar, which is the bottom bar of Windows, and in the pop-up menu click on Search, you can turn the search bar into a simple icon or hide it to merge it with the start menu just as it was before.

This is already something purely aesthetic. The only thing I want to tell you with all this is that you don’t need to worry about where you search. It will be enough with press the Windows button on your keyboard to open the start menu and start typing the command that we will tell you next to invoke the searches.

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Translations from the Start Menu

The only thing you have to do to translate words or phrases from any language into Spanish is open the Start menu and type Translate followed by the phrase or word. For example, if you want to translate the word Hello, just open the start menu or search bar and type translate hello. What will happen is that you will see the search window with the Bing translator module, and in it the results of the translation.

You will be able to see the original word that you have asked to translate, below the translation, and below the rest of the data and examples. This is done in the same way with the phrases. For example, if you want to translate a phrase from another language into Spanish, you type translate followed by the phrase, and you will see the translation. Remember that the translator will detect the language you write in automatically, so you can translate from English, German, Russian, and many others.

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Imagine how you can play with this. If you are one of those people who tries to minimize clicks and replace them with keyboard shortcuts, you can copy a word or phrase in another language into the browser and use Windows translation directly, opening the start menu, typing translate and then Control + V to paste what you have copied.

As well you can translate from spanish to other language. To do this, you just have to use the command translate to, followed by the language and then the word or phrase you want to translate. In the screenshot above give a simple example.

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Here, we are going to find a single defect. And is that the translator doesn’t take punctuation marks into account when you type in the start menu, so to translate long texts it is not so fast. Although you can still do it if you invoke the translator without adding the text to translator.

Because if, you can also open the translator in the start menu without including a text, which makes it even more versatile. All you have to do is press on the start menu and write the word Translate. The search window will open with the blank translator module, and you can press to edit the languages you want to use and configure it further.

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The good thing is that you can start the translator to translate directly to another language, for example using the command Translate to English, but putting the language you want at the end. The best thing about this is that punctuation marks are taken into account when you write in the translator module. Therefore, you have a perfectly valid alternative to Google Translate implemented directly in Windows 10.

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