How to translate Xiaomi Amazfit Bip in Italian

Xiaomi’s new smartwatch, the Amazfit Bip, has aroused great interest among users, thanks to its really aggressive price. The only reason most users might pass on buying it is the completely Chinese firmware (although a version is on the way international with English firmware). However, this issue has been resolved! Thanks to the hard work of the developer dpeddiby Gadgetbridge Andreas Shimokawa and Francko76, finally it is possible to translate the firmware of the smartwatch into Italian.

Thanks to them, buying a smartwatch of this type finally has one more reason, a big one. So let’s see how to proceed to get our Amzfit Bip with the ROM completely in Italian.

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip: ROM in Italian

The procedure consists of using the application of gadgetbridge To flash two firmware files. The original firmware is in the MiFit app and consists of 3 different files:

  • mili_chaohu.fw
  • mili_chaohu.gps
  • mili_chaohu.res

Two of these files have already been modified by the team. To carry out this procedure, we will need to have the version

First we have to uninstall the app. MyFit of our mobile phone and install the gadgetbridge. To download it we must go to this address (thanks to GizChina). After installing the app, we launch it and connect our Amazfit Bip. The app, which we have just installed, will help us to edit the two files that we talked about before.

To download the two files in question we have to go to these addresses.

So we copied these two files on our mobile phone, open the file manager (if you don’t have one you can download it from the Play Store) and Open the file with the fw extension first. At this point we will be asked with which option we want to open it. we choose FW/App Installation.

Once this is done, the Gadgetbridge application will open and we will have to click on INSTALL. At this time, the file will be flashed. We have to repeat the same procedure for the other file as well.

With the .fw file, the smartwatch will reboot, while flashing the .res file will update the watch without rebooting..

At this point we can uninstall the Gadgetbridge application.

Once both files are installed, we will have the smartwatch almost all in Italian. In fact, the weather information will be in English. To solve the problem we have to install the modified apk of MiFit by some developers, like Lolexmod, Postman and Francko76.

For the location of the time we have to add the city with the name in English.

Where the Xiaomi AmazFit Bip appears

Now you have additional reasons to buy this great smartwatch as it definitely has an advantage that should not be underestimated.


Thanks to the enormous work of the developers, it now makes much more sense to buy the Xiaomi smartwatch. Thanks again to dpeddi, Gadgetbridge Andreas Shimokawa and Francko76 for the great work.